Mum's unique Christmas tree using $25 Kmart item: 'Best hack ever'

A savvy Kmart shopper has shared the ultimate hack for creating your own Christmas tree — and it won’t break the bank.

Peggy detailed how she turned two Kmart corner ladder bookshelves into a cute and simple tree, with the help of some tinsel and holiday ornaments.

L: Kmart book shelf on the ground. R: Kmart tinsel
The mum used some unlikely Kmart items to create her perfect Christmas tree. Photo: Facebook

Alongside some photos of the process, she explained on a popular Facebook group that she found two white bookshelves at her local Kmart which only cost $25 each.

Although Kmart doesn't appear to be selling this particular item online, similar oak look corner bookshelves are listed on their website at $29 each.


With the help of her son, Peggy put the bookshelves together and lined the legs from top to bottom with green tinsel.

She finished it off with a large wooden Christmas tree topper, and placed an array of ornaments on the shelves, including a Ferris wheel and merry-go-round.

Kmart Christmas tree made from bookshelves and tinsel
Other shoppers praised the mum for her 'clever' idea. Photo: Facebook

Her ‘amazing idea’ was extremely popular, with her Facebook post racking up over 2k reactions and 400 comments.

“This has to be the best hack I’ve seen on this page! I’m in love!” one enamoured shopper wrote.

“Aaaaand suddenly corner shelves will be sold out haha. This looks absolutely gorgeous!”

“My partner is gonna hate that I saw this. Saving for future inspiration. I love it!!!” a third commented.

“You have inspired me with your post to do it and [you and] your son have done a brilliant job too,” gushed another.


Others thought it was a great space-saving idea instead of having to store a Christmas tree all year round.

“This is the kind of thing I want to do in the future instead of a Christmas tree! I’d have photos and normal decor through the year, then swap it out in December,” one shopper wrote.


“Plus you could use the shelves after Christmas too. How cute for Easter decor too,” added a second.

“I love this. I would keep shelves empty though and fill with the presents,” another suggested.

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