Mum upset by Kmart's massive mistake: 'Absolute shocker'

A mum has slammed Kmart after they made a huge mistake with her online order.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, Andrea Oxford explained that she went to the post office to pick up a special item for her three-year-old daughter.

L: Kmart box which is empty. R: Kmart blue trolley being pulled through a store
A mum has slammed Kmart for making a shocking mistake with her order. Photo: Facebook & Getty

However, when she took the large box home and opened it, she was shocked to discover there was nothing inside.

“Just picked up a parcel from the post office which was completely empty,” she wrote in her post. “It was supposed to have a child’s dress-up costume which I thought was odd to come in a big box, I also thought it was very light.

“Knowing that it was supposed to have a costume for my three-year-old daughter in it I just think how lucky that I didn’t get her excited to open it, could you imagine,” she finished.


The mum included two photos of the empty box, with many thinking that Kmart’s slogan on the side was ironic.

“A little box of joy” was written on the box, with one group member saying it was more like “A big box of disappointment”.

Two photos of a Kmart empty box
She shared the two photos of the empty box on social media. Photo: Facebook

In the comments, Andrea said that the customer service provided by Kmart wasn’t exceptional either. While the company could have sent a replacement item, they opted to refund the mum instead.

“They said it would be refunded in 5-10 working days…I thought they might have asked me if I wanted them to find another and send it, but no,” she wrote.

The post quickly gained over 2,500 reactions and hundreds of comments, with one saying the delivery was an ‘absolute shocker’.

“This is just so not okay. Jokes aside, this happens far too often with Kmart,” a mum wrote.

“I have never heard of a company make more errors or pack things so poorly with their online shopping as Kmart!!” another chimed in.

“Omg, I think you officially have the crappiest Kmart delivery yet!” added a group member.

Others also shared their own Kmart horror stories in the comments.

“I got soda bottles last Friday…meant to be curtains,” an exasperated shopper wrote.

“This has happened to me TWICE! Any other time it’s a weird size box for the item and about five separate deliveries for the one order,” a second added.

“My son ordered six little porcelain Easter bunnies one year. They arrived in a box that size, smashed to pieces. No padding, no wrapping, just six little bunnies rolling around in a large box. What could possibly go wrong?” another commented.

There were a couple of Kmart workers who pleaded with the group for compassion and ‘patience’ from shoppers.

“Please be patient with us. I know from my store at least a lot of the online team are teenagers still at school, we are also always busy with online orders at least for my store and understaffed,” one person wrote.

“Ex Kmart worker here too, we are always understaffed. Head office believe the less staff the better…it’s so stressful when customers get angry at the ones who are working, we have no control over how many people we have rostered on,” another pointed out.

A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle that they are 'disappointed' that this customer didn't have an 'enjoyable shopping experience'.

"Our customer service team have been in direct contact with the customer to resolve this online order. We wish to thank the customer and those who shared their experiences for bringing this to our attention so we can apply the learnings and work on improving these processes in the future," the spokesperson said.

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