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Save hundreds on Lounge Lovers' new outdoor furniture range

Now that we're approaching summer, long warm days outside are calling our names.

And to be honest, it can't come sooner.

If you're lucky enough to have a spot outside to place a table and chairs, even if it's just enough to rest your drink on, we have some huge news.

The legends of interior furniture at Lounge Lovers have just dropped their new outdoor range.

Coincidentally, the news comes at the same time as Lounge Lovers' mid-season sale where everything is up to 40% off.

Sweep the deck, clean the patio and mow the grass, it's time to go shopping.

An outdoor space with a view next to some of the new Lounge Lovers outdoor range
Lounge Lovers drop their new outdoor furniture range just before summer. Photo: Lounge Lovers

What kind of furniture is on offer?

We're not talking about a couple of fold-up chairs here.

The same sophisticated edge that Lounge Lovers are known for is replicated in their new outdoor range, so you can expect clean, chic, and elegant staple items that will last forever.

Our picks?

The Laguna 2 Seat Sofa is currently $1199 and offers everything you need for a compact and versatile outdoor set.

Laguna Outdoor lounge set
The Laguna outdoor lounge set provides everything you need for outdoor entertaining. Photo: Lounge Lovers

Available in black and olive green, this comfortable set includes two padded armchairs, a matching two-seater lounge and a low-level wooden coffee table to hold all of your dips and drinks.


If you're after a table to host long lunches, you can't go past the Amalfi Outdoor Dining Table which is aptly titled for its nod to the European dining style.

The long tan wooden Amalfi Outdoor Dining Table against a white background.
The Amalfi Outdoor Dining Table gives a subtle nod to Meditteranean summer dining seating up to 10 people comfortably. Photo: Lounge Lovers

Accommodating 10 people comfortably, this expansive 2.5m table is made from solid acacia wood with a slatted oak top giving that summery picnic vibe.

It's also now down to $1,499 from $1,999, saving you a whopping $500.

European summer at home

For a more formal Hamptons style, the Ravello Outdoor Dining Table could be the perfect fit for $1,499 down from $1,799, giving a saving of $300.

Lounge Lovers' Ravello outdoor dining table with a tan wooden inward spiking base with a pale grey concrete-look top against a white background.
The timeless Ravello outdoor dining table features a durable concrete-look top perfect for friends and loved ones to gather and share conversation. Photo: Lounge Lovers

The 1960s-style Scandi base is made from environmentally-friendly Acacia wood with a round concrete-look top, completely handmade.

Seating four to five people, this elegant table is made for warm, summer evenings hosting intimate conversations with loved ones around the table.

For chairs, the Maui Outdoor Dining Chair will work with almost any setting.

Lounge Lovers' new white woven outdoor Maui chair with tan wooden legs against a white background
Lounge Lovers' new outdoor Maui chair is the perfect versatile dining chair for outdoors complimenting a wide range of settings. Photo: Lounge Lovers

Now $349 down from $399, this woven chair gives off the ultimate summer, coastal vibe whether it's by the pool, nestled under a large table, or next to a small coffee table.

Available in black and white, it's a no-brainer when it comes to outdoor dining.

Coastal comfort

If you're after a stronger accent chair to slink into while sipping on drinks by the pool or lounge next to the outdoor fire, the Havana Outdoor Armchair offers timeless elegance and interesting design.

Currently $100 off at $399, the low-recline chair is made from durable black, hand-woven upholstery that not only holds your body comfortably but is hard-wearing, UV resistant, waterproof and colourfast - perfect for a hot Australian season.

The low-rise Havana Outdoor Armchair in black woven fabric in a tan wooden frame against a white background.
The Havana Outdoor Armchair is the perfect accent chair to slink into while being durable with waterproof and UV-resistant woven fabric. Photo: Lounge Lovers

The Havana Outdoor Armchair is the perfect accent chair to slink into while being durable with waterproof and UV-resistant woven fabric. Photo: Lounge Lovers

Speaking of lounging, Lounge Lovers also have the ultimate relax-and-do-nothing product in the Newport Outdoor Lounge Set.

Now $500 off, this generous set contains three armless pieces, one corner piece, one ottoman, and a coffee table to configure to your space as you please.

The Newport Outdoor Lounge Set on a balcony
Lie around in summertime with the Newport Outdoor Lounge Set now $500 off at Lounge Lovers. Photo: Lounge Lovers

Its low-level seating calls for long afternoons reading, falling asleep to podcasts, and giggling with friends around a couple of Aperol Spritz'.


Considering the less-than-adequate summers we've received lately, this is the year to bring it all back.

Summer style, we're coming for you.

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