Kmart shopper 'disappointed' by puzzling detail in pantry purchase

A Kmart shopper excited to purchase a new pantry item was left puzzled after she noticed a major flaw.

Posting her new buy on Facebook page Live Shopping Tours, the woman said she "loved the look" of Kmart's 8-piece Bamboo Lid Food Storage Set.

The set includes one 2-litre container, a 1.3-litre container, two 820ml containers, two 600ml containers and two 370ml containers.

On the box, sticks of uncooked spaghetti are stored in the tallest container, with penne in another. The smaller containers contain rice crackers, rice and nuts.

In a video showing off her new purchase, the shopper said the set looked "amazing".

The woman was disappointed the container did not fit her spaghetti. Source: Facebook
The woman was disappointed the container did not fit her spaghetti. Source: Facebook

"I came home, put my pasta in, oops Mr Kmart we have a problem," she said as the lid seemed to not fit on top.

"Just my standard pasta, doesn't fit. Not happy Jan."

Kmart commented on the post, saying it would pass feedback on to the team to make improvements.

"Please do take this item back to any of our stores for a refund or store credit," the spokesperson said.


The 8-piece Bamboo Lid Food Storage Set retails for $23 on Kmart's website.

One review of the product on the website says the lids don't fit well on all the containers, while another also claims spaghetti does not fit in the tallest container.

"The tall one does not fit spaghetti, don't get caught on that like I did," one commented.

"I was hoping for a nice matching food storage set for my pantry and purchased this one as I loved the look but unfortunately the tallest container isn't tall enough for spaghetti," another said in a review.

"First world problem, but it does mess up the 'Pintrest worthy' pantry I tried to create."

Other shoppers however loved the product, with many commenting on the "amazing quality" and "value for money".


A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle the food storage set has a wide range of uses.

"However, we have taken the spaghetti feedback on board and a new design will be available in stores from mid-December," they said in a statement.

"As always if customers are not satisfied with their products they are welcome to return the product with their receipt to store for a refund."

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