Shopper's DIY version of Kmart's sold out Christmas candle: 'Amazing'

Kmart shoppers have been going wild for the viral $10 Christmas sprinkle candles, which were recently added to the store.

Many frustrated customers haven’t been able to get their hands on the cookie-scented candles, with one Kmart worker saying they sold out within one hour at their local store.

White Kmart Christmas cookie candle with sprinkles
This Kmart christmas candle has been flying off the shelves. Photo: Facebook

However, a savvy shopper has just shared a unique ‘hack’ so that customers don’t have to miss out.

Sharing her trick on a popular Facebook group, Ellise Freeman told Kmart fans that she made her own version of the candle in just five minutes.


“I have been looking for the Christmas cookie sprinkle candle for days straight with no luck. My mother-in-law works at Kmart and said they went viral on TikTok and are going to be hard to get,” she wrote.

The woman said she found a regular red Christmas candle without sprinkles, picked up some craft glue and attached her own craft sprinkles.

“I went and bought: A paint brush, craft glue, plastic craft sprinkles (I already had them and purchased off Etsy), Selleys Kwik grip adhesive contact spray.

“This is the final result! It may not look as nice as the other ones or others may not like the end result, but I love it and I’m actually pretty stoked with how it turned out. It only took 5 minutes which was also a bonus.

“Just thought I would share in case others find this as a great alternative if they can’t get their hands on the Christmas cookie sprinkle candle,” she said.

L: Kmart Red candle with DIY sprinkles added. R: Red Kmart Christmas candle on a white background
The shopper's DIY Kmart 'hack' was praised online. Photo: Facebook

This is a pricier version of the candle, with the red jar retailing for $15 at Kmart, paintbrushes for $3.25 and craft glue for $2.25.

There are many options for craft sprinkles on Etsy, with one shop selling 50g of craft sprinkles for under $10. It also gives shoppers the chance to use different sprinkles or decorations if desired.

A small can of Selleys Kwik Grip Spray costs $10.15 at Bunnings, so you could be looking at forking out four times the price of the viral $10 candle.

However, if you already have some of these items at home, it's a great option.

While it may cost you more, many shoppers on Facebook said they preferred the look of the ‘amazing’ red candle.

“I love the style of the jar in the red version. I like it much better than the white one. Fantastic job,” one shopper wrote.

“Yours looks better than the original one! I have been trying to find the candle too. I’ve been to 5 different Kmart stores and it’s always sold out.” a second added.

“Good job, creative! What a great idea,” another wrote.

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