MAFS’ Liam Cooper reveals concerns for Bachelorette Brooke Blurton

Ahead of Brooke Blurton’s ground-breaking season of The Bachelorette, which will feature both male and female contestants for the very first time, reality TV star Liam Cooper has shared his concerns with the show.

The 30-year-old, who made history earlier this year as Married At First Sight’s first openly bisexual contestant, admitted that he’s worried about how Brooke’s bisexuality will be portrayed on TV.

Osher Gunsberg and Bachelorette Brooke Blurton.
The upcoming season of The Bachelorette will star both male and female contestants for the very first time. Photo: Channel Ten

“I do worry, because I know females who are bisexuals get treated differently to males who are, and get objectified and glorified more in this sense,” he told The Wash.

“I know as a male who is bisexual, other males think it’s disgusting and have more of an opinion about it – and you get the typical ‘you’re gay’, ‘pick a side’ comments.”


“However, I’ve noticed that with females who are bisexual, it’s more of a ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ thing and then becomes more about this, rather than celebrating [their sexuality],” he added.

Liam went on to say that he believes men will be turning into the new season in the hopes of seeing two females kiss, rather than to celebrate the progress made by the LGBTQIA+ community.

MAFS' Liam Cooper.
Liam Cooper says he’s concerned about how Brooke’s bisexuality will be portrayed on TV. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking about his own experience smashing boundaries on MAFS, the former TV groom admitted that he never expected to receive hate online for his sexuality.

“I guess when you have supportive friends and family and surround yourself with those types of people, you almost forget that there are homophobic, biphobic people out there,” he said.

“So it surprised me when I received those comments, as I’d only had nothing but positive things generally being said to me [before the show].”

After failing to find love in the social experiment with Georgia Fairweather, Liam confirmed on Instagram in July that he had started dating MAFS New Zealand star, Samuel Levi.

“When a country boy finds a city boy,” he captioned the loved-up snap announcing the news.

Liam Cooper and Samuel Levi.
Liam started dating MAFS New Zealand star Samuel Levi in July. Photo: Instagram/lcoop_13

Liam’s comments come shortly after Brooke Blurton confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that the contestants will be living “separately” this year in two different mansions.

“This whole season is run completely differently, having both males and females,” she told us.

“I think the show will be reverted back to its core which is about finding love, and there will be drama obviously, but I think the whole purpose of the show is finding my person and I'm hoping that kind of reverts back to the wholesomeness of it.”

The 26-year-old also acknowledged that with both men and women on the show this year, it’s no surprise people have been predicting there could be more than one love story played out on-screen.

“I think I stayed open-minded about that being a possibility,” she said.

“It’s inevitable to happen, but I feel like it would be hypocritical of me to stop a connection from happening because love is love.

“It'd be obviously disheartening if you had a very strong connection with either of those people, but I think you kind of just have to ride the wave.”

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