MAFS star Jesse's brutal act following split from Claire: 'Disappointing'

Fans were shocked by his behaviour.

MAFS' Jesse Burford and Claire Nomarhas shocked fans on Sunday night when they decided to leave the experiment after the groom decided he wasn't over his bride's betrayal when she cheated on him earlier in the experiment with Adam Seed.

The pair seemed to be on good terms, however, Harrison Boon planted a seed of doubt in Jesse's mind during the dinner party last week, leaving Jesse questioning whether Claire simply stayed in the experiment to make herself look good, not because she wanted to earn his forgiveness.

MAFS' Jesse Burford
MAFS' Jesse Burford took to his secret Instagram account to share a brutal wipe at Claire Nomarhas after the pair left the show. Photo: Instagram/Jesse Burford

After Sunday night's commitment ceremony aired, Jesse took to his secret Instagram account to share a video of him in front of the TV, making a big show of taking off his wedding ring.

"Take it off! Take it off!" his friends chanted as though he was on The Masked Singer, as Jesse slowly took the ring off.


He then yelled with excitement and began taking his clothes off, dancing in celebration.

While it may not appear so, Jesse and Claire are "on good terms" according to the groom, who told Nine that he couldn't stay mad at his bride.

"Claire is someone that's hard to stay mad at because she's such a high-energy, bubbly person," he said.

Claire admitted that they weren't "each others' person", but "there is a great friendship there and a great respect there".

"I'm so grateful that I was put in this experience with him. I couldn't imagine...Imagine I was matched with someone like Harrison and I did what I did. It would've been crazy," she said.

The reality star admitted that she wished she "didn't hurt him", but Jesse added that "forgiveness came easier for Claire, I did feel she owned it more than Adam".

Instagram account MAFS Gossip also shared the video, with many viewers surprised to see Jesse's celebratory act.

MAFS Jesse and Claire
Fans were disappointed to see Jesse's video, with many also heartbroken he and Claire didn't make it. Photo: Nine

"This is really disappointing to watch, makes me wonder about his reasons for going on the show now!" one user wrote.

"True colours always shine out in the end..." another added.

"How embarrassing, act your age," a third said, while others described the act as "sad" and "cringe".


However, others loved Jesse's hilarious video, with one user writing, "I love this man, been my fave from day one."

"Such a legend," another wrote, while someone else said, "He's so gorgeous, I love him."

Others said they would "miss" Claire and Jesse on their screens, saying they were their favourite couple on the show.

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