MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Brent reveals what it's like filming the retreat

The season nine groom spills on what viewers don't see on TV.

After attending what was arguably the most explosive retreat Married At First Sight has ever seen last year, Brent Vitiello has shared an insight into what it’s really like being on the couples’ getaway.

The season nine groom, who was paired with Tamara Djordjevic in the experiment, tells Yahoo Lifestyle there was always at least one producer following them around at the retreat to capture any drama that might erupt.

MAFS season nine couples' retreat.
MAFS’ Brent Vitiello opens up about what it’s really like attending the show’s infamous couples’ retreat. Photo: Channel Nine

“Most of the time there is a camera there or at least one kind of following just to see if anything's going on,” he explains.

“If something pops off, they’ll make a call and someone will come running in or someone will pull a phone out to get whatever else.”


Brent adds that the couples weren’t usually filmed in the mornings until producers arrived and the cast gathered in a group.

“We would get up really early and we'd just start training and it wouldn't be until [the producers] got there that you got miked up,” he details.

“Once everyone's fully interacting, which is usually when food comes out and everyone comes together, they mike you up just in case because everyone starts talking about their issues and it all starts.”

MAFS' Brent and Tamara at the couples' retreat
Brent says he and Tamara had plenty of fights on the retreat which were never shown on TV. Photo: Channel Nine

'Mentally and emotionally it was hard'

Brent went on to say that it was “really nice” being able to interact with the other couples outside of the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, and he spent a lot of quality time with the other grooms.

“I think because there was a lot of drama leading up to the retreat, all the boys just wanted to do their own boys' thing,” he shares. “We were playing cards, doing magic tricks, pranking each other. It was just so much fun.”

However, he reveals that there was “so much drama” between himself and his ‘wife’ Tamara that didn’t make it to air.


“I laughed probably the hardest I've ever laughed on the retreat, and then I went through a pretty dark time too because it was just mayhem for me,” he says. “Me and Tamara wouldn’t talk unless it was a fight, it was bad. Lots of screaming at me and it was intense.

“I did get annoyed at first when it wasn't aired because there was so much going on and it would have kind of outlined for me and everyone else exactly what I was going through, which is why I started to kind of break apart at the end. Mentally and emotionally it was hard, I was just broken and I'm not used to being like that.

"It was a bit hard to watch, but then I understood how they were doing it because of where it kind of went at the end. But we clashed heads from the first night, it was insane.”

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