MAFS star Jake's ex-fiancée blasts 'cheating' groom

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Married At First Sight star Jake Edwards' ex-fiancée Paige McCuskey has claimed the reality star cheated on her weeks before they were set to tie the knot.

Paige, who was with Jake for just over four years, says she found out Jake had been having an affair for three months just six weeks before their wedding date.

Married At First Sight star Jake Edwards on set
Married At First Sight star Jake Edwards' ex-fiancée Paige McCuskey has claimed the reality star cheated on her weeks before their wedding. Photo: Nine

According to Paige, she found out Jake was cheating on her in September last year, just one month before he would have had to begin shooting for MAFS.

"He went out to watch the AFL Grand Final and had a massive bender – we both came home on the Sunday of that weekend," she told New Idea

"I had been away with my girlfriends when his best friend of 20 years prompted me to check his phone. That’s when I got a hold of all the messages between him and another woman. I kicked him out the next day."


She claims there were "a million red flags" leading up to that point, because he was secretive when it came to his phone and she would often get messages from other women anonymously saying they'd been with him. However, without proof, Paige didn't believe them. 

Eventually, she found evidence on his phone and Jake apparently confessed, revealing he'd known the woman for some time and had been meeting up with her for coffee every couple of months.

"He was building a relationship with her and I had no idea," Paige told New Idea.

Jake Edwards, Paige McCuskey and Matty Wilson pose together
Jake and Paige, pictured here with Neighbours star Matty Wilson, were together for just over four years when things went south. Photo: Instagram/Matty Wilson

Paige promptly ended their engagement saying she felt "sick to my stomach".

"My family can’t even watch TV – his face pops up everywhere! When I first watched the trailer for his wedding, that broke me – just to see him taking part in a wedding that I never had... he went on TV to get married to a stranger after cheating on me. It makes me feel sick."

Jake, meanwhile, found out on the final episode of this year's season of MAFS that his partner Rebecca Zemek had cheated on him while she was in Perth visiting her sick dog during filming.

Bec had broken things off with Jake after he was filmed giving Booka Nile a New Year's peck.

Speaking on Nova's Chrissie, Sam and Browny on Monday morning, Jake revealed he hasn't spoken to Bec since filming ended.

"To this day I haven’t spoken to Bec, I didn’t feel there was any need for me to talk to her or communicate with her," he said. 

"She’s reached out a couple of times, once the show aired and a couple of days after the reunion but there is no need for me to communicate with her. I hope she finds all she’s after. I wish her all the best." 

Jake Edwards and Paige McCuskey with a guide dog
Paige said she found out Jake was cheating on her in September last year, just one month before he would have had to begin shooting for MAFS. Instagram/Jake Edwards

He added that he wouldn't go on MAFS if he could go back in time and stop himself.

When asked what he thought about gossip podcasts and Instagram accounts, he said, "To be honest I don’t want to have an opinion on it. I feel like if I do I’m just going to pulled through the mud even more to be honest. 

"I’ve been very honest about my past and everything that I’ve been through, people that I’ve upset, people I’ve hurt and for this to still continue to be dragged forward and brought forward it’s really really difficult and emotionally it’s been really really hard, I’ve been waking up with fear and anxiety for the last six weeks about what’s been said and what’s been written, I honestly don’t know how to answer that Chrissie, it makes me kind of upset thinking about it. 

"I know a couple of things have been said in the last 24 hours which has been very difficult to stomach and a lot of it is completely not true. To the point where I’ve been accused that my contract has something in it that I’m guaranteed not to be edited in a bad light.

Jake and Bec on their MAFS wedding day under a flower arch
Jake revealed he hasn't spoken to Bec since filming for the show ended in February. Photo: Nine

"I’d be more than happy to give my contract to you guys to read, for someone to read it out and go through it and tell me if there is anything in there about me guaranteed me not to be edited in a bad light. It’s just complete lies that have been said, it’s actually really hard to kind of deal with."

Jake also spoke about whether or not he understood what he was getting himself into when it comes to the show, saying, "I don’t want to point the finger and blame the production or the I guess the monster that is the series, I understand it is part of being on the show, I can deal with that. 

"It’s just a lot of stuff that gets said and written is not true and I feel I’ve owned a lot of things I’ve done wrong but when there are things that are said that are false, it’s hard to comprehend and really for me I have a career as well, it’s really hard, I’ve second-guessed everything I’ve been doing for five years because of things that people want to right for clickbait."

Jake also confirmed he has a new partner, who is "extremely supportive" and who he is "very grateful for".

He added that anyone considering signing up for the next season of the show should "reconsider". 

"Have a good think about it, and just make sure that you’re willing to put up with the avalanche that comes along with it. We’ve all made mistakes in the past and you can’t get away from it, it’s just really hard."

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