MAFS fans applaud Jake for dinner party move: 'A true gentleman'

MAFS fans have taken to social media to praise groom Jake Edwards, after he stood up for his ‘wife’ Beck Zemek during last night’s show.

Things came to a head at the dinner party after Beck accused Bryce Ruthven of telling her that he had a secret girlfriend on the outside.

Bryce Ruthven on MAFS
Bryce was again the centre of the drama at last night's dinner party. Photo: Nine

Bryce and Beck were of course seated opposite each other at the dinner party table, so it was only a matter of time before it was all brought up.

When the rest of the group asked Bryce to tell his side of the story, he said: “I’ll let the f****** puppeteer here go”, pointing at Beck.


Jake was having none of Bryce’s attitude towards his ‘wife’, chiming in saying: “Oi! Oi! Do not speak to not only my wife, but any other female with language like that again, alright?”

Jake Edwards on MAFS
Jake stood up for his wife on the show. Photo: Nine

Social media immediately lit up with people applauding Jake for having Beck’s back against Bryce.

“In a world full of Bryce’s, be a Jake,” one person said.

“All men need to take notes from Jake on how to treat and defend women,” a commenter said.

Beck on MAFS
Beck claims Bryce told her he had a secret woman on the outside. Photo: Nine

“Jake is a perfect example of the men we need more of. Especially right now with “not all men” conversations happening. If you’re not “one of those men” then be Jake. That’s your job in this,” another person wrote.

“Jake is such a true gentleman. Love him,” the comments continued.

“Jake standing up for all the wives. Such a sexy quality in a man, I cannot cope”

Last night’s dinner party also saw Belinda Vickers in a confrontation with James Susler.

“You’ve been talking about me behind my back. You called me a frigid,” Belinda said.

Jo Todd backed her up, saying: “And you asked if she was a virgin”.

When Belinda’s ‘husband’, Patrick Hayes Dwyer, gets wind of what James had been saying about his ‘wife’, he made his apologise, which people online were also applauding.

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