Major twist in MAFS' Jake and Booka's NYE kiss

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It was one of the many scandals that rocked the MAFS dinner party last night, but it turns out there’s more to Jake and Booka’s kiss than we were told about.

Fans watched as a riled-up Beck called out Booka and Jake at the dinner table, saying the pair had locked lips on New Year’s Eve.

Booka on MAFS
MAFS' Booka has revealed what really happened when she ksised Jake. Photo: Nine

“I gave Booka a kiss on the lips, just happy New Year's. It was very innocent. We are all friends. If I thought it was something more than that, I probably would not have filmed it,” Jake was heard saying.

Now, Booka has explained that she wasn’t the only one to give Jake a New Year’s Eve kiss, as former ‘bride’ Beth also pecked the ‘groom’.


"On New Year's Eve I shared a kiss with about 10 of my friends, as I do every New Year's Eve as the clock strikes midnight. And Jake was one of those people because I'm very used to having close relationships with my male friends," Booka told 9Entertainment.

Photo: Nine
Photo: Nine

"I also kissed Beth. I kissed Beth, and Beth and Jake also gave each other a kiss.

"That was literally just like a tradition that we were… in my family and friend group it's just really fricking normal."

Booka said that in her friend group, giving somebody a kiss on the lips was “very normal” but she understands why Beck was so upset about it.

According to Woman’s Day, Beck was livid about the kiss when she found out about it from a mutual friend.

Jake from MAFS
Jake and Booka kissed on NYE. Photo: Nine

"She's furious with both of them, but particularly because Booka and Jake are getting such a hero edit and being made out to be the nicest people on the show," the source said.

"Even though Jake and Booka knew each other before the show, Bec was reassured by both of them it was just a professional relationship. She feels really betrayed."

Beth on MAFS
It turns out, Beth also gave Jake and Booka a kiss, which is a tradition on NYE. Photo: Nine

Sunday night’s final commitment ceremony also looks to be scandalous, with an incriminating video apparently set to be shown.

While it’s not yet known what the video is of, according to The Wash, Beck had a ‘secret boyfriend’ back in Perth and the video may be of him picking her up from the airport when she went home to visit her sick dog.

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