MAFS groom Liam blasts 'disgusting' dinner party edit

Married at First Sight groom Liam has lashed out at the final edit of the reality show after a controversial moment during the reunion dinner party on Wednesday night.

After the episode aired, in which he was slammed by the experts and subsequently viewers for completely snubbing his ex-'wife' Georgia, Liam took to Instagram to lash out at the "edit team" and reveal "the truth".

mafs liam ignores georgia at reunion dinner party
Liam ignored Georgia when he arrived at the dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

"How in God's name are you guys covering this edit up," Liam said in the clip, which was then shared by the So Dramatic! podcast.

For anyone that missed the moment, Liam and Georgia went their separate ways after the final vow ceremony, a brutal break up that saw Liam cop further heat from fans of the show.

The reunion dinner party was the first time they were set to see each other since then.

When Liam walked in Georgia decided the adult thing to do was go up and greet him, despite their prickly ending. But while she went in for a hug and said “Oh, hey Liam!” he promptly ignored her, giving every other woman a hug around her before moving on and sitting down next to Pat.

"I don't do fake people," Liam tells Pat.

The experts were visibly shocked by the interaction, leading to more outrage and backlash from fans on social media.

married at first sight experts shocked at dinner party
The experts were shocked at Liam's icy move towards Georgia. Photo: Channel Nine

However, Liam was having none of it, lashing out at the fact producers apparently cut out the entire reason for his snub in the first place.

"Tonight was solely based on the video that came out from Georgia, Johnny and Jason," Liam said.


The video Liam is referring to went viral earlier this month for all the wrong reasons. In it, Jason, who was partnered with Alana on the show, is heard taking aim at bisexual groom Liam, using 'gross' homophobic language about his fellow participant.

The clip was reportedly filmed in November last year, just three days before the couples on the show made their final vows to each other, and sees Jason call Liam a "full-blown homosexual".

According to the Daily Mail, a source close to Liam has revealed he was "absolutely betrayed and heartbroken" after watching the video.

The video took a big toll on Liam, with sources telling the publication he has "struggled mentally" and "lost a lot of weight" because of it.

Jason apologised for the comments, telling the publication, "I would like to sincerely apologise for my comments in regards to a fellow MAFS participant's sexuality."

It was reported the video would be discussed during the reunion. And yet viewers saw none of that.

Liam slammed the edit as "f**ken disgusting" saying at the very start of the dinner party they "all went to town" over the clip.

"I questioned Jason about the video, I pulled Georgia up on this video, Jason just sat there with a smug look on his face and didn't want to talk about it," Liam explained.

"Georgia said she was sorry, but I said 'no you're only sorry because you've been caught out', and then everyone else jumped in and we talked about it.

"To literally sit there and edit this out and make me look like I just ignored Georgia for s**ts and [giggles] is purely disgusting."

He goes on to say they also never showed him ignoring Jason "straight up" and telling Pat he ignored them both "because of the video"

Another piece of footage also shared by the So Dramatic! podcast appears to confirm that mentions of the video were indeed captured by camera crew during filming.

Georgia can be seen filming a piece to camera in which she calls Liam out for making it look like she lied about accepting him in the first place because of the video. She even references him coming in "so hot and heavy".

Channel Nine has been contacted for comment.

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