MAFS fans spot 'love bite' on Jason's neck amid editing fail

There was a lot going on in Wednesday night's reunion dinner party on Married At First Sight. But a tiny detail on groom Jason Engler's neck didn't go unnoticed by eagle-eyed MAFS fans.

During a one-on-one interview where Jason, 35, discussed his breakup with 'wife' Alana Lister, viewers spotted a round red mark on his neck just below his jawline.

A side-by-side comparison of two photos of Jason Engler on Married At First Sight. The left photo shows a red mark on his neck. The right photo does not show the red mark.
The red mark on Jason's neck was there one second and gone the next. Photo: Channel Nine.

The very next second, as the camera quickly cuts away then back again, the mark appeared to have vanished without a trace.

The apparent editing fail prompted several fans to take to Twitter and question what they'd just seen.

"Is that a love bite on Jason's neck?" asked a curious fan.

"Jason's got a big love bite on his neck!" alleged another.


MAFS fans took to Twitter after spotting Jason's alleged 'love bite'. Photo: Twitter.
MAFS fans took to Twitter after spotting Jason's alleged 'love bite'. Photo: Twitter.

'Tried my hardest'

That wasn't the only thing that got viewers talking. Many were outraged to discover that Jason had dumped Alana via text message shortly after he dropped the L-word during their final vows.

Alana revealed the shocking news at the reunion dinner party, saying that despite trying her hardest to 'make it work' with Jason the relationship didn't last once the cameras stopped rolling.

"I really tried to make our relationship work. I put in a lot of effort. I really tried my hardest, I really liked Jason," she said.

"But maybe, I think, two weeks later [after the final vows], Jason and I had an argument, and he just kind of refused to talk about it, refused to acknowledge it," she added.

Alana Lister crying while being interviewed on camera at the Married At First Sight reunion dinner party
An upset Alana revealed how Jason had broken up with her via text message. Photo: Channel Nine.

Alana, who had intended to call it quits with Jason at the final vows before changing her mind, then said Jason had dumped her 'via text message' which was 'really brutal'.

For his part, Jason admitted to feeling 'disappointed' that their TV marriage failed to translate to the real world.

"I'm disappointed," he said. "It's just a bit upsetting because I didn't think we would end up like that."

Fans slam groom's text message break-up

Despite appearing teary about the split, he largely ignored Alana at the dinner party which left her feeling upset and hurt.

"So it is sad that I basically had no interaction with Jason the whole night," she said.

MAFS fans on Twitter were quick to call Jason out over his seemingly contradictory behaviour.

"Jason drunk crying about not being with Alana while also being the person who text dumped her..." pointed out one.

"Civil!? Jason calls breaking up via text civil?" another wrote.

"Breaking up over text message, Jason's 35 going onto 15," added a third.

Photo: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.

Jason has been contacted for comment.

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