MAFS fans outraged over cheating bombshell: 'Fake'

Last night’s explosive finale of Married At First Sight has left viewers calling foul play, with many thinking the whole storylines have been ‘staged’.

While many contestants vehemently deny the show is ‘fake - including Samantha, who took to her Instagram last night to let fans know none of what she said was scripted - viewers were left scratching their heads as to one scene in particular.

Rebecca Zemek on MAFS
Rebecca Zemek was caught in a cheating scandal. Photo: Nine

‘Bride’ Rebecca Zemek and her ‘groom’ Jake Edwards, were shown footage of Beck’s trip back to Perth to visit her sick dog, which all looked very innocent to begin with.

It appears that Beck was given a phone by producers so she could document her time with her dog, Oscar.


However, things take a turn when a mystery man is spotted coming into the shot, with Beck leaping up to give him a number of kisses.

MAFS Jason shocked
Viewers and contestant were shocked over the footage. Photo: Nine

Now, people are questioning how the experts got their hands on the evidence and why Beck would send it to them in the first place?

“How did that even get recorded. Let alone find it’s way into producer hands. Such a setup,” on person wrote on Twitter.

“Massive eye roll at the holier than thou attitude of the ‘experts’ if they didn’t want/set up/know about all the fake drama,” another person said.

“One of the worst scripts ever put together,” a fan of the show said.

The comments continued, with one person writing: “Anyone else think the Bec video seemed very staged?”

“Completely staged but still so good to see Bec stumped for words,” a viewer wrote.

Jake Edwards on MAFS
Jake was left sick over the scandal. Photo: Nine

“Seriously though... if we can’t all just admit this is all staged and scripted AF, and just sit back and enjoy this show for the famewhore battle royale that it is, that’s on us.”

Jake Edwards was apparently in such shock last night that he nearly threw up when he watched the footage.

“See, the whole time, the whole experiment, there's been no affection. Nothing. We've never had sex. And clearly this is why. It's all adding up to me now,” Jake said.

“You should've dumped me at the vows. I can handle that. Because right up until now, this moment, you and I were fine.”

Jake went on to say: “I'm empty, mate. I'm shattered.”

The bombshell came after Beck was left furious over a NYE kiss between Jake and Booka.

Fans watched as a riled-up Beck called out Booka and Jake at the dinner table, saying the pair had ruined her relationship.

"On New Year's Eve I shared a kiss with about 10 of my friends, as I do every New Year's Eve as the clock strikes midnight. And Jake was one of those people because I'm very used to having close relationships with my male friends," Booka told 9Entertainment.

Booka said that in her friend group, giving somebody a kiss on the lips was “very normal” but she understands why Beck was so upset about it.

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