MAFS star Davina Rankin reveals 12kg weight loss transformation

She was once Australia's reality TV 'villain' but these days, Married At First Sight's Davina Rankin is all about fitness and family.

The 30-year-old — who welcomed her first child in November 2019 — proudly took to Instagram on Monday to reveal that she's lost 12kgs over seven months after switching up her diet and exercise routine.

Former Married At First Sight star Davina Rankin reveals 12kg weight loss wearing a black singlet and leggings
Former Married At First Sight star Davina Rankin has proudly revealed her 12kg weight loss. Photo: Instagram/davvyxx.

'Continuous effort'

Davina shared a photo of herself posing in a black singlet and matching black leggings by activewear brand Lorna Jane, along with a lengthy caption detailing her weight loss journey.

She began with an inspirational quote that she 'really loves':

⁣"'Many things can be out of your control, but continuous effort is in your hands.'"

⁣"You may not have it all together," she added. "Work, relationship issues, financial problems etc.

"But by making a conscious effort every single day to look after yourself, and make the right choices then that’s one thing you will never regret."


before and after photos of Former Married At First Sight star Davina Rankin's 12kg weight loss
Mum-of-one Davina shared these before (bottom) and after (top) snaps of herself. Photo: Instagram/davvyxx.
Former Married At First Sight star Davina Rankin with her baby daughter Mila-Mae
Davina and her 20-month-old bub, Mila-Mae. Photo: Instagram/davvyxx.

MAFS star's 'low slump'

Davina went on to describe 2020 as 'one of the lowest slumps' of her life which saw her coping as a first-time mother to 20-month-old Mila-Mae — who she shares with her fiancé, Jaxon Manuel — during the Covid pandemic.

⁣"Last year I was in one of the lowest slumps of my life. On one hand, I had this beautiful baby girl right in front of me which made my heart explode with love.

"But I also had no idea on how to navigate through this new life of mine and was also mourning the death of the life I've always known - also throw a global pandemic in there and BOOM... the perfect storm to create some self-destructive behaviours.⁣"

Along with her activewear shot, she also posted a four-in-one image showing her sporting a crop-top and underwear both before and after her weight loss.

Davina Rankin with her on-screen husband, Ryan Gallagher, on Married At First Sight Australia 2018
Davina with her MAFS 'husband', Ryan Gallagher, during the experiment in 2018. Photo: Channel Nine.

Davina, who was 'married' to Ryan Gallagher on MAFS in 2018, then revealed that she ended up 'seeking help' and also 'opening up' to her family and friends about her physical and mental health.

She also began eating a plant-based diet full of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and 'cut back massively' on alcohol, coffee, processed foods, saturated fats and sugars.⁣

After ⁣always pushing her body to the limit with 'hard and fast' workouts, Davina opted for less strenuous forms of exercise such as Pilates and walking.

⁣"I changed the way I trained," she explained. "My body was tired and needed to recover so Pilates, 2-3 weights sessions a week and walking has been great for me.⁣

Former Married At First Sight star Davina Rankin with her fiancé, Jaxon Manuel
Davina's fiancé, Jaxon Manuel, proposed on her 30th birthday in March this year. Photo: Instagram/davvyxx.

"But more than anything I’ve really changed my mindset and been kinder to myself.⁣

⁣"I MAKE the time to take time out. I ask for help when I feel overwhelmed instead of keeping it in and suffering.⁣ ⁣It's all connected, happy brain = happy body!⁣ You just need to start."

Davina gained notoriety on the 2018 season of MAFS after cheating on 'husband' Ryan with Dean Wells who was himself 'married' to Tracey Jewel.

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