MAFS star Martha’s fiery reaction to Michael’s prank: ‘I’m literally gagged’

Although Married At First Sight star Michael Brunelli has pranked his girlfriend Martha Kalifatidis a few times now, the practical jokes between the couple have continued to make fans laugh.

Posting to TikTok, Michael shared his latest prank which caused an explosive reaction from Martha.

Mafs martha reacts to michael prank on tiktok
Michael filmed his conversation with Martha without her knowing. Photo: TikTok/mbrunelli

“My girlfriend had to do a stool sample,” he captioned the post. “Wait to see her reaction when she realises I’m filming.”

The video shows Michael crouching down in the bathroom while Martha is talking from behind the door, unaware that he is recording their conversation.

“It’s not f**king funny, I don’t know what to do now,” she starts.


When Michael says she can “go post it off” now, the beauty influencer fires up.

“No, I feel sick!” she is heard yelling. “I’m not sending this to anyone. Honestly, what a f**king dumb thing.

“Surely in 2021 we can sneeze in a f**king tissue, we don’t have to s**t in Tupperware and f**king send it off and mash it up.

“The directions were, put it in the f**king container with a spoon and mash it up. I was literally mashing my own s**t.

“I can’t even bring myself to repeat it. I’m literally gagged, my eyes are watering. My mask is filled with water from my watering eyes.”

After her monologue, Martha opened the door and stared at the camera for two seconds before hitting it from Michael’s hand.

The clip ends with Michael laughing while Martha is heard storming off.

Followers on TikTok couldn’t help but laugh at the expense of the Celebrity Apprentice star in the comments.

“Get out. This is fantastic, I love her,” one fan wrote.

“You need to put a ring on this woman’s finger,” another told Michael, adding, “her voice is the best. Martha, you just need to do voiceovers."

“Rumour has it, he’s dead,” someone else joked, with Michael replying, “can confirm”.

married at first sight Martha and Michael.
Michael previously posted Martha's reaction to his shaved face. Photos: Instagram/mbrunelli

Martha: ‘Don’t touch me!'

The couple’s latest prank comes shortly after Michael posted a video online of Martha’s reaction to his newly shaved face.

The video shows Michael sitting on the bed looking fresh-faced, with Martha visibly shocked as she walks in to see him. The former TV bride immediately raises her hand to her mouth and starts breathing heavily.

After she leaves the room and slams the door, she yells: “What the f**k have you done to your f**king face?”

She later says he looks like Voldemort and refuses to kiss him.

“Don’t touch me!” she shouts. “I have a really f**king hot boyfriend and if he sees me in here with you he’ll kill you.”

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