MAFS’ Richard reacts to speculation he will be The Golden Bachelor

The MAFS groom hasn't ruled out another show...

Married At First Sight may be over for another year, but the cast will live on in our hearts for some time still as we watch them navigate life post-experiment.

Richard Sauerman didn't find everlasting love on the show, but made a memorable impression as MAFS' oldest-ever groom. While it didn't work out with Andrea Thompson, Richard has opened up about the lessons he's learned along the way and whether he's still on the hunt with love with Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit.

The former MAFS groom confessed he's having his fun post-show and not currently looking for anything serious, but addressed speculation that The Golden Bachelor could be a fit for him.

America recently debuted The Golden Bachelor, a refreshing twist on the long-running Bachelor series, to much success and there's been speculation Australia could follow suit in an attempt to revive the format.

Richard Sauerman. Photo: Nine
Richard Sauerman. Photo: Nine

Richard has now addressed if he'd take on the role if it was offered to him, saying expert Mel Schilling was the first one to say something to him about it after the reunion episode.


"Mel turned to me and said, 'Richard you better get ready for a call and I said what do you mean?'" he said,

"She goes they're looking for a Golden Bachelor that's what she said to me... I knew they had a Bachelor in America who's 72 and breathed new life into the whole series. But I thought about that, and I thought, yeah right," Richard laughed.

MAFS' Richard and Andrea
Richard and Andrea on their MAFS wedding day. Photo: Nine

Richard didn't refute the fact he could do the show if he got the call, just saying it would be a "conversation".


"It'd be a conversation. Of course I'd consider it. I don't think I'd be right for the Bachelor. I'm too rogue, I'm just not refined enough. [But] I'd always have a conversation"

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