MAFS' Lauren dismisses Jono's claims she had a boyfriend while filming

EXCLUSIVE: Lauren's rep has said the 2024 bride hopes Jono can move on.

MAFS groom Jono McCullough has taken to TikTok to allege his ex Lauren Dunn had a secret boyfriend while filming Married At First Sight.

In the video, Jono spilt what he said 'really happened' at the final dinner party, saying it's one of his most-asked questions. Jono said a "massive" bit of context that was removed was that Lauren had a "partner outside of the experiment".

"She had someone she was interested in, she was good enough to tell me on the first day of the honeymoon," Jono said. "She said, 'hey I have someone outside, I'm not interested in a relationship, let's just look after each other and have fun'," Jono said.

"Now that changes a lot of things. She said I was cheating on her and clearly that wasn't happening, she had someone else outside of the experiment. At the final dinner party, she did cry, because the table tore shreds through her. They said, 'how dare you call Jono a cheater, when you had a boyfriend the whole time', and she did get upset, but guys, it wasn't because of Ellie and I," he finished the video with.

MAFS' Jono has stipulated Lauren had a
MAFS' Jono has stipulated Lauren had a "secret" boyfriend while filming. Photo: Tiktok/Instagram


Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Lauren for comment, with her rep replying: “Lauren is booked and busy. She has well and truly moved on with her life and hopes Jono can do the same.”

On the TikTok, some MAFS fans have questioned Jono's version of events, some of which he has responded to.

MAFS' Lauren Dunn
MAFS' Lauren Dunn's rep said the 2024 star is 'booked and busy'. Photo: Nine

"If that was the case why continue the experiment and sleep with her? Strange," one person commented, to which Jono replied, "Yeah that’s a good question. We slept together on the first night before she told me. Then a few times on and off throughout the experiment. Continued because I didn’t want to go home week one."

"You really wrote that!" someone else said in response to him.


"Lauren is putting posts out asking people not to troll Jono and Ellie and here he is throwing her right under the bus," someone else commented.

"Even if you had done nothing wrong, you and Ellie behaved callously towards Lauren," someone else pointed out.

"Yeah that’s how it looked. We were horrified. We will do a few more videos explaining that," Jono said.

"I’ll wait for other cast members confirm this because I do not believe this for a second," another person said.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail Jono said: "'I don't think it was a boyfriend. But it was a person she was interested in... It was a person she wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with, and that wasn't with me."

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