MAFS’ Jessika Power reveals Thomas Markle Jr’s crush on her: ‘Just settle’

She’s one of the more controversial names starring in the upcoming season of Big Brother VIP, and it seems like things are going to get very interesting between Jessika Power and the other celebrities on the show.

Speaking with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, the former Married At First Sight star opened up about her experience on the Channel Seven series and confirmed the rumours that fellow contestant Thomas Markle Jr had a crush on her during filming.

Thomas Markle Jr and Jessika Power.
Thomas Markle Jr had a crush on Jessika Power during filming. Photos: Channel Seven

“Do you know what? Thomas is such a sweetheart,” she began, “But it got to a point where I was like, ‘Tommy, just settle a little bit, yeah?’.”

Jessika went on to say that she “couldn’t take him seriously” in the house, but she managed to benefit from his attraction towards her.

“He bought us all roses and he saved me from a few evictions and I just used my womanly power to just go, you know what? I’m going to use that and save myself from eviction,” she admitted.


The 30-year-old also spoke openly about her spicy DMs from cricket legend Shane Warne, a bombshell moment on the show that’s been featured heavily in promos so far.

“I had to actually send the screenshots over to the legal team to make sure that it was actually him,” she said.

“I was so embarrassed, I was like, ‘Don’t release these to anyone!’”

While Big Brother VIP is Jessika’s second reality TV experience after a starring role on MAFS in 2019, it turns out she almost competed on a very different series earlier this year.

“I got the contract for SAS and then they pulled it a week after giving it to me,” she revealed.

“And then they asked for me again about a month before filming started and I said to my agent, ‘Look, I’ve started drinking again, I can’t go on SAS! I can’t even get up the stairs, mate!’.”

She also confirmed to Fitzy & Wippa that she is set to star in another yet-to-be-announced TV show in the UK very soon after recently making the move abroad.

Bernard Curry and Jessika Power.
Bernard Curry recently revealed what it was like meeting Jessika Power on Big Brother VIP. Photos: Getty / Instagram/jessika_power

Jessika’s comments come shortly after fellow Big Brother VIP star Bernard Curry spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about what it was really like living in the house together.

“I didn’t have very strong ideas about who Jessika Power was going to be. I guess you sort of have that archetype in your head of being kind of a bimbo, blonde, airhead sort of thing,” he admitted.

“She said some really funny things, but the thing is, she’s pretty switched on. And she’s huge energy as well.

“I actually was talking to her a few times going, ‘You don’t like silence, do you Jess?’. She is just constantly talking. She said, ‘No absolutely not, you’re dead right. True’.”

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