MAFS’ Jessika Power reveals Shane Warne’s ‘inappropriate’ DMs

Channel Seven has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming season of Big Brother VIP featuring a number of explosive revelations and jaw-dropping moments.

One of this year’s 12 contestants, Jessika Power, who you know and love from her time on Married At First Sight, dropped a major bombshell in the teaser video about a certain A-list cricketer.

Jessika Power and Shane Warne.
Jessika Power claims that Shane Warne slid in her DMs. Photos: Channel Seven/Getty

Speaking with actress and model Ellie Gonsalves, the 29-year-old claimed that sports star Shane Warne had slipped into her DMs.

“It was even weirder when I had Shane Warne in my inbox the other week,” she alleged, which was met with a shocked reaction from Ellie.

“Some of the things he was sending me, I was like, ‘inappropriate!’.”

Nova hosts Fitzy & Wippa, who make a brief appearance this season to interview the celebrities, also spilled some extra tea about the surprising allegation on-air on Wednesday morning.

“We can’t give too much away but what I think was interesting about what she said was there was a lead up of exchanged messages and when he wasn’t getting much back he was fairly persistent with making advances towards Jess,” Wippa claimed.

“And quite descriptive, I think, about his plan for the evening.”


“Let’s just say he loves walls,” Fitzy added.

“He’s not like Shaynna Blaze,” Wippa laughed. “He won’t go ‘That needs a pastel’, ‘That needs a duck egg on it’. He won’t rearrange the cushions, he’ll throw them across the room, but he loves a wall.”

Big Brother VIP, which is set to kick off in November, also stars Olympian and political candidate Caitlyn Jenner, former political aide and author Omarosa and Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr.

Thomas Markle Jr and Omarosa.
Thomas Markle Jr and Omarosa also dropped bombshells in the new trailer. Photos: Channel Seven

The new trailer features the ‘Famous Big Brother’ opening up about his relationship with Meghan, as well as his opinion on her first marriage.

“The guy that she was married to the first time, she just walked all over him and dumped him. Harry’s on the chopping block next!” he said.

Omarosa is also shown sharing details about her time working with President Donald Trump - who she calls “insane” - and Bill Clinton.

“It wasn’t just Monica. There was a whole line of women,” she alleged.

In the diary room, she also told Big Brother that she believes she has a target on her back as Caitlyn wants her out of the game.

“If she takes me out, then she wins points with Donald Trump. There’s no question in my mind he’s watching, and he’s watching what she does,” she said.

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