Big Brother VIP’s Bernard Curry surprised by Jessika Power: ‘Switched on’

With celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner, Thomas Markle Jr. and Omarosa competing in the upcoming season of Big Brother VIP, you already know that it’s going to be an entertaining show.

Bernard Curry, who is one of the 12 VIPs checking into the ‘luxury hotel’ on November 1, spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle all about the experience and what it was really like living with the other stars.

Bernard Curry and Jessika Power.
Bernard admitted that he found Jessika Power to be ‘pretty switched on’. Photos: Getty / Instagram/jessika_power

The Aussie actor said that he was very surprised upon meeting former Married At First Sight bride Jessika Power, who he described as “great fun”.

“I didn’t have very strong ideas about who Jessika Power was going to be. I guess you sort of have that archetype in your head of being kind of a bimbo, blonde, airhead sort of thing,” he admitted.

“She said some really funny things, but the thing is, she’s pretty switched on. And she’s huge energy as well.

“I actually was talking to her a few times going, ‘You don’t like silence, do you Jess?’. She is just constantly talking. She said, ‘No absolutely not, you’re dead right. True’.”


Chatting about his other competitors, Bernard confessed that he already knew about some of the celebrities heading onto the show because they had accidentally been revealed online.

“The fact that Caitlyn Jenner was there was leaked early, and Thomas Markle Jr. I also knew was going to be there,” he said.

“The biggest surprise for me was Luke Toki from Survivor. I’m such a big Survivor fan, so to play with him was a real kind of treat.

“I loved how he played Survivor and he’s a hard player of the game too, so I really respect the way that he kind of goes about it and I think he respected my game as well. We had a good time together.”

Big Brother VIP cast.
Bernard revealed that the celebrity he was the most surprised to see in the house was Luke Toki. Photo: Channel Seven

Bernard, who recently starred in the second season of the comedy web series Sonia & Cherry, went on to say that he also “had no idea” who models Josh Carroll and Imogen Anthony were, but they all had a great time getting to know each other.

“It actually is a really great cast, a really interesting mix of people,” he detailed. “Everybody has their own sort of idiosyncrasies and individualities and I think the show celebrates that and that sort of uniqueness to everybody.

“And part of the game is knowing how people tick and how people work, and then trying to use that to your advantage to further yourself in the game.”

After hosting four seasons of Beauty and the Geek Australia over a decade ago, Big Brother VIP gave Bernard his first experience as a reality TV contestant.

The 47-year-old opened up about how his experience as a host and an actor helped him in the game, including the fact that he already knew some of the cameramen from previous projects.

“It just gave me a familiarity of the structure, I know what they’re doing,” he began.

Big Brother VIP cast at a challenge.
Bernard said that he tried to help the producers out by manoeuvring himself to be in the best position for the cameras. Photo: Channel Seven

“There’s another thing which I call set craft, which is when you’re in a scene, knowing where the camera is, what lens they’ve got, the lighting, the sound, all those sorts of those things.

“Because I know they’re making a show, sometimes I’ll be talking to someone, and it’d be a conversation that I know the producer would find interesting, so I would actually manoeuvre myself so that the camera’s got the best ‘over the shoulder’ look at me.”

Bernard said that while he wasn’t always aware of where the cameras were, he tried his best to help the producers out where he could to “make a show they want to make”.

“I even got a compliment when I actually finished my time there,” he revealed.

“One of the main sound guys came up to take my mic off and said, ‘I just want to let you know that you have impeccable mic technique and it's really appreciated, it doesn't go unnoticed’. So that was a nice little moment.”

Big Brother VIP premieres 7:30pm Monday 1 November on Channel 7.

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