MAFS star Jessika Power praised for body positivity post: ‘Be kind’

Married At First Sight star Jessika Power has been applauded by fans after posting about body positivity on social media and encouraging her followers to be kind to themselves.

The 29-year-old shared an ‘Instagram vs Reality’ photo gallery on Saturday alongside a candid caption about beauty standards and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Jessika Power's Instagram post.
Jessika was praised for her ‘Instagram vs Reality’ post. Photos: Instagram/jessika_power

Jessika explained that while her Instagram Stories often feature her without her hair and makeup done, she wants to transfer this honesty and ‘relatable’ content to her feed to challenge the idea of being ‘perfect’ all the time.

“I know for certain it takes me multiple shots to find the one picture I might like, perfect lighting, my best angle and more than one editing app for me to upload a photo that I feel reaches the right standard on this platform,” she wrote.



The Big Brother VIP housemate went on to admit that her weight fluctuates “like a rollercoaster ride”, she hates the dermatitis around her mouth, and her hair often looks like she’s “been caught in a fight with a bear”.

“I’m never candid or cute because I’m a billion miles an hour all of the time and brushing my hair is a pain because I can’t focus for too long on one task let alone taking the time to constantly look half decent,” she joked.

Jessika Power wearing lingerie.
Jessika was very candid when admitting she doesn’t always look like she does on social media in real life. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

“I want to try and be more body positive and embrace the fact that as a woman I have a tummy, I have stretch marks and I have some cellulite on my ass from all of the bloody bread and carbs I decide to ingest on an hourly basis,” she added.

“But I feel good, I feel healthy and I’m happy with whatever I do with my body because I chose to do it! Not because I wanted to look like somebody else.”

Jessika ended her post encouraging her followers to be kind to themselves and others because they are allowed to skip a gym day, not stick to a diet and “pig out on snacks”.

“I hope that this photo helps to show that the standard of beauty we try to achieve isn’t exactly real. I want you all to feel beautiful in your own skin,” she concluded.

“Don’t let social media or magazines rule how you look at yourself in the mirror because trust me, half of us don’t look like that when we get up in the morning.”

Jessika Power smiling.
Jessika’s followers praised her for her honesty. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

A number of followers quickly took to the comments to thank Jessika for being honest.

“At first I wasn’t fond of you after MAFS but I have grown to love you because you are real!” one person wrote. “I will always support you Jessika.”

“My 13-year-old daughter adores and follows you, so nice you keep it real,” another shared.

“The Gram needs more of this, good on you girl,” someone else said, while a fourth added, “You are perfect in both pics.”

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