Bernard Curry on the ‘racy’ Big Brother VIP moment fans won't see

While Channel Seven has teased that the upcoming season of Big Brother VIP will feature a number of shock confessions and intimate conversations, it turns out that some moments during filming were so wild that they won’t even make it to air.

Aussie actor Bernard Curry, who is competing on the reality show alongside Caitlyn Jenner, Thomas Markle Jr. and Jessika Power, has revealed that there was one on-camera conversation that he actually asked the producers to remove ahead of next month’s premiere.

Bernard Curry.
Bernard Curry will star in the upcoming season of Big Brother VIP. Photo: Instagram/bernardcurry

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle about some of the “incredible moments” he’s excited to see play out on-screen, the Wentworth star recalls one particularly “inappropriate” story he told his fellow contestants.

“I had to actually call the producers the other day going, ‘I know that I signed the contract and we don't have any legal recourse, but I told this story the other day, is that in? Because it might be a little incendiary’,” he begins.

“They said ‘No, that’s alright, we’re a family show. We’re not going to put that to air’. I’m like, oh thank God because that could have been trouble for me.”


Although Bernard doesn’t delve into what the conversation actually involved, he describes it as “pretty racy and inappropriate in a family setting”.

“They’re pitching themselves as a family-style show so they’re trying to keep it in that sort of vein,” he explains. “So it was with great relief that I heard they weren't going to be putting that into the edit.

"But it doesn't really matter that those stories aren’t in it because there's so much really fascinating stuff. It’s definitely going to be fun. It’s really just kind of an interesting wild ride.”

Big Brother VIP cast.
The cast of Big Brother VIP also includes Caitlyn Jenner, Thomas Markle Jr. and Jessika Power. Photo: Channel Seven

Big Brother VIP is Bernard’s first time as a reality TV contestant, after hosting four seasons of Beauty and the Geek Australia over a decade ago.

Instead of going on the show for fame or Instagram followers, he says that he decided to join the series because he loves new experiences and having fun - and also because he’s a huge Survivor fan.

“The most recent seasons of Big Brother in my mind have been a lot more competition-based, so it’s a little bit more like Survivor inside the Big Brother house,” he details.

“I’d love to do Survivor at some stage in my life, but this to me represented something close to it. You're doing competitions, you’re doing challenges, high stakes kind of stuff, I’m up for that.

“Just the experience of meeting new kinds of people, being in this microcosm sort of environment, it’s something that I’ll look back on with great fondness as to how I approached it and what I got out of it.”

Bernard Curry in Sonia & Cherry.
Bernard stars in season two of Sonia & Cherry. Photo: Supplied

In addition to his reality TV gig, Bernard has also been a part of another exciting series, Sonia & Cherry.

The actor recently joined the cast for season two of the odd-couple comedy show, which follows two best friends becoming mums and dealing with their different parenting styles.

“Victoria Thaine, who conceived the idea with Naomi Mulholland, approached me and asked if I’d play the role,” he says.

“She said, ‘We’ve got a role in this we think you’d be perfect for: Perfect Dad’. He’s just super cool about everything he’s always doing, like, how could this guy be any more perfect? I was actually quite flattered that it was a role they thought I’d be suitable for.”

While Bernard has built a solid career as a dramatic actor, starring on Australian soap operas including Neighbours and Home and Away and US series such as NCIS and CSI, he remarks that he really enjoyed taking on a humorous role for a change.

“It's interesting when you’re part of a project like this, you know that it’s a comedy, but I think the real trick is that it needs to be grounded in reality. You kind of play the truth and the comedy is in the text,” he says.

“It’s really fun, it’s a fun project to be part of and it was a fun role to play. We had an awesome time.”

Season two of Sonia & Cherry is streaming now on YouTube.

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