Chrissie Swan defends controversial MAFS star Jesse Burford

The radio presenter claims the Married at First Sight star may have approached his relationship in the right way.

Radio presenter Chrissie Swan has defended Married At First Sight star Jesse Burford after he revealed his extensive list of 'icks' on the reality show's new season.

Jesse has polarised viewers with his behaviour towards 'wife' Claire Normarhas after she appeared to tick a few of the 'icks' on his list.

Prior to his wedding, Jesse told producers he isn't attracted to "star sign chicks", "drama queens" and "any girl who starts a sentence with 'honey', 'sweetie', and 'oh my god, babe'".

Jesse and Claire appeared to have an instant connection at the altar, however, he was quickly turned off after Claire asked him when his birthday was to find out his star sign and gifted him a crystal.

Claire walks out with a suitcase while Jesse has an angry expression.
Claire walked out on Jesse after he mocked her during a dinner. Source: Channel Nine

Things continued to turn sour on their honeymoon after Jesse told Claire to "shush" at the airport and mocked her for the way she spoke, causing her to walk out on him during dinner.

Speaking to Married at First Sight expert John Aitken on Nova's The Chrissie Swan Show, Chrissie asked John about Jesse's 'ick' list, playing devil's advocate.

“Listen in defensive of Jesse, and I can't believe I just said that sentence, we have been told over the last few years that you do need to make a list of your wish list if you will, and you know that will manifest blah blah blah lighter candle rubber, Rose Quartz, and all of a sudden this perfect partner will appear. So what is the truth, is it that we need to write this list or we don’t?" Chrissie asked the expert.


John said it was crucial however for people to focus on things that are more important.

"You need to look more if you're going to have a list of things like values, things like how you want to raise kids or what sort of personality traits are you attracted to so more at a core level than the superficial," he said.

"I think on MAFS what happens is a lot of them have this superficial list that rules people out. We lose them early on in the experiment because they turn around and say, 'Hey you gave me a brunette, not a blonde, I'm out'."

During the chat, Chrissie also asked John who he believed was the most memorable star across the 10 seasons of MAFS.

Surprisingly John said it was Harrison Boon who stars in the current season and is matched up with Bronte Schofield.

He too has sparked controversy after it was revealed he was dating another woman right up until he began filming MAFS and for telling his 'wife' they had no sexual chemistry after they first had sex following their wedding.

"I'm gonna say he is the most memorable that I can think of over the 10 years, and I'm telling you that, I can't tell you why but I can say he is an alpha personality, who is unapologetic and he will say and do things that you will be shocked by and he is my most memorable.”

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