MAFS' Jackson shuts down co-star's wild allegation: 'More drama'

He was victorious in his boxing match against Sam Carraro on the weekend, but now one of Jackson Lonie’s Married At First Sight co-stars has cast doubt over his win.

Carolina Santos, whose ex-boyfriend Daniel Holmes also won his match against Brent Vitiello at the ‘Fight At First Sight’ event, took to her Instagram Story earlier this week to make some explosive claims about Jackson.

MAFS' Jackson Lonie during his boxing match.
A MAFS star has made a wild allegation about Jackson Lonie. Photo: Matrix/Supplied

“Although I was going for Jackson for the simple fact that I don’t know Sam, I think a rematch is fair with roids (steroids) test prior,” she wrote when a fan asked for her thoughts on the match.

“Fair is fair!”


The 34-year-old bride doubled down on her stance when Yahoo Lifestyle contacted her for comment.

“I’m actually friends with Jackson and don’t have any beef with him but was asked the question and thought someone needs to speak the truth so here it is,” she said.

“Steroids in boxing may make you hit harder, hit faster and move quicker in the ring. It’s an unfair advantage!”

MAFS' Carolina Santos.
Carolina Santos doubled down on the allegation when asked for comment. Photo: Matrix/Supplied

‘Trying to cause more drama’

When Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Jackson for comment, he vehemently denied the allegations.

“[I’ve got] no idea what she’s on about, probably just trying to cause more drama,” he said.

“I take it as a compliment though, I mean, when you train twice a day for 4-5 months plus count every calorie, you’re going to look good.”

The 31-year-old echoed these sentiments during an Instagram Q&A on Wednesday, admitting he didn’t know what to say in regards to Carolina’s comments but will continue to take it as a compliment about his appearance.

Yahoo Lifestyle does not suggest that there was any proper basis for Carolina’s allegation.

MAFS' Jackson Lonie.
Jackson said he will take Carolina’s claims ‘as a compliment’ about his appearance. Photo: Matrix/Supplied

'Test of your manhood'

Jackson’s comments come shortly after he spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about the boxing match and revealed why he wanted to participate.

“Boxing is something that I've wanted to do for a long time because when you get in that ring, it's just you and your opponent. There's nobody else to save you, it’s literally just the two of you,” he said.

“I don't know how to put this, but it's a test of your manhood in a way as well - or womanhood if a woman steps in as well. It's a big thing and like I said, there's no one there to save you, there’s no safety net. It's just how far you’re willing to push yourself.”

Jackson also announced that he will be donating his portion of the event’s ticket sales to Coast Shelter, a community housing operator providing accommodation for people who are homeless or experiencing domestic and family violence on the Central Coast.

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