MAFS' Brent and Daniel clash at pre-boxing match face-off: 'Can't hide'

They’re set to go head to head in the ring at their highly-publicised celebrity boxing match this evening, but Married At First Sight stars Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes have already kicked things off during a pre-match face-off.

On Friday evening the two season nine grooms participated in a weigh-in ahead of the big fight at The Melbourne Pavillion before things turned physical.

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello at the weigh-in.
MAFS’ Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello had a physical altercation at the weigh-in before their highly-publicised celebrity boxing match. Photo: Instagram

The pair came face to face after they had both stepped off the scales when Brent grabbed Daniel’s head with his hands and pushed him away.

Exclusive video footage of the incident shared with Yahoo Lifestyle shows Brent taunting his opponent before the push, saying: “You can’t hide behind your f**king keyboard now, can you?”

Daniel, who has been sharing a number of controversial posts against Brent on social media ahead of this weekend, chose not to retaliate and instead laughed and clapped slowly.


Speaking to So Dramatic! shortly after the altercation, he confirmed that it was Brent who instigated things and shared his response to the ‘keyboard’ comment.

“He said to me, ‘You can’t hide behind a keyboard now’. I said, ‘Bro, one, I didn’t even say things to you online, I just made posters, and two, who uses keyboards? It’s called a phone’,” he said.

MAFS’ Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello at the weigh-in.
Brent grabbed Daniel’s head with both of his hands and pushed him away at the pre-match face-off. Photos: Supplied

Daniel’s ‘offensive’ post

Last month Daniel sparked backlash online after he posted a ‘death notice’ for Brent on his Instagram Story in an attempt to promote the Team Ellis boxing match.

“Celebrating the life of Brent Vitiello. 20.01.1988 to 15.10.2022,” the poster read, referencing the date they are set to face off.

Social media users quickly slammed the post as “disgusting” and “offensive”, with many saying that Daniel had taken things too far.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the controversial post, Brent labelled it as a “silly attempt at attention”.

“I didn’t think there could be a human more cringe until I saw the way this guy moves. It’s embarrassing,” he shared. “I’ll never entertain someone as low as him. This boxing match is for me. But after, both his name and his antics will disappear.”

The former bar manager went on to say that while the post is “worrying”, he’s feeling “a little bit flattered at the same time”.

“I also wonder how many photos he has of me in his camera roll? Maybe even a mural at home?” he joked. “He’s obsessed. It’s cute.”

The highly-anticipated boxing event, which also features a face-off between fellow MAFS stars Jackson Lonie and Sam Carraro, is available for fans to live stream on October 15 here.

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