MAFS' Harrison's shock comments about former participants emerge

The controversial groom has been a longtime Married At First Sight viewer.

Harrison Boon, who is arguably one of the most controversial participants Married At First Sight has ever seen, has been revealed to be a longtime viewer of the reality show.

Social media posts have emerged showing that the 32-year-old builder would previously leave cruel comments about former cast members online.

MAFS' Harrison Boon and Sam Ball.
Social media posts have emerged of MAFS groom Harrison Boon publicly supporting season six ‘villain’ Sam Ball. Photos: Channel Nine

In 2019, Harrison publicly supported season six ‘villain’ Sam Ball on Facebook while mocking Ines Basic and Elizabeth Sobinoff, the two women Sam found himself stuck between.

“If I had a choice of Anus or Crazibeth I'd jump off a bridge,” Harrison wrote below a picture comparing Ines to Chris Lilley’s character Ja’mie King. “Poor Sam.”


Meanwhile, So Dramatic! reported on Monday that another social media post from Harrison had been uncovered where he shared his honest opinion on MAFS.

Married At First Sight is easily the most morally corrupt excuse for a TV show I’ve ever seen,” he wrote, according to the podcast.

“We witness these three ‘experts’ pit empathetic and hugely co-dependent young women with these image-driven, narcissistic players simply to watch the relationships fail for our entertainment, and it’s just f**king great.”

MAFS’ Harrison Boon.
A resurfaced post allegedly shows Harrison calling MAFS 'the most morally corrupt excuse for a TV show' he's ever seen. Photo: Channel Nine

Harrison's fiery on-air clash

This comes shortly after Harrison had a fiery on-air clash with radio star Erin Molan following a bombshell revelation he got a girl's number during a night out.

Appearing on 2DAY FM's Hughesy, Ed & Erin last week, Harrison argued he was not completely at fault for getting the girl's number while ‘married’, which caused a major clash between himself and Erin.

“When you go into a bar, I know as a person, when I've been single, you make yourself open to women approaching you,” Erin said. “Unless you're Brad Pitt you make it open, you make eyes, you engage in a way a woman feels comfortable enough to come up and give you her number, would you accept that?”

“I don't accept that, no,” Harrison shot back. “I've actually got a real issue with people insinuating it's the guy's fault, or it's the girl's fault, it really takes two to tango.”

Erin then interjected, saying, “But she's probably single though, the woman who came up to you,” before Harrison said, “Can I please finish my point?”.

The interview wrapped up with Erin arguing that Harrison was the only person at fault in the situation because he was the one that had a partner.

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