MAFS 2023: Everything you need to know about Harrison Boon

The Married At First Sight star has a raunchy side hustle.

He's the MAFS groom everyone is talking about. Builder and single dad Harrison Boon, 33, from the NSW South Coast, has found himself tangled up in his fair share of scandals in Married At First Sight, both on-screen and off, from the very first episode of this year's season.

Here's everything you need to know about the controversial groom, from his side hustle as a topless waiter to his nude appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, and everything in between.

MAFS Bronte and Harrison
MAFS Bronte and Harrison

Oozing confidence

The Married At First Sight season 10 premiere introduced buff dad Harrison as the kind of guy who doesn't take himself too seriously but who is apparently serious about finding love... and he's sure not shy about the fact he considers himself a pretty good catch. When one attendee told Harrison at his on-screen wedding to bride Bronte Schofield that he was a lucky man, Harrison quickly fired back, "She's not doing too badly herself," with a wink and a grin.

Searching for Mrs Right

In fact, Harrison has openly stated he sets the bar "ridiculously high" to achieve greatness in love, aspiring to his parents' level of wedded bliss, as they've been happily married for 33 years. After spending two years on the singles circuit - a time he admits to having no real intentions of settling down - Harrison claimed in his MAFS bio to be eager to change his ways. He went on to say his ideal woman is "beautiful" and shares his "zest for life, goals, values, and sense of humour".


Scandal magnet

Enter Bronte Schofield, the "lucky" woman chosen to be his MAFS bride. She described Harrison after their first-sight meeting at the altar as "so lovely" and "so nice". Cue dramatic music and cut to commercial break. This was, of course, the moment Bronte was pulled aside by former The Bachelors contestant Jessica Tomlinson, who was quick to provide her with a series of message receipts to prove Harrison had actually been seeing one of her friends right up until the point he left to film the show. Gasp.

In media appearances, Harrison has rebuked the suggestion he had a girlfriend going into the show, speaking on air with 2DAY FM's Hughsey, Ed & Erin and sharing that despite dating "multiple people" prior to filming, he only had a "friends-with-benefits" relationship with the girl who claimed to be dating him. He also confirmed he hasn't spoken with her since, despite referring to her as a "nice chick".

Scrapped from The Bachelor?

Rumour has it that Harrison was slated to be the next Bachelor prior to being cast in MAFS, with sources telling the So Dramatic! podcast that he was scrapped at the last minute for being "too masculine".

Raunchy side hustle

The 5'11" musclebound Capricorn is more than happy to get his kit off for a price. Tradie by day, topless waiter and stripper by night, Harrison moonlights for adult entertainment company Bow Tie Boys, offering a list of services including G-string strip, budgie smugglers waiter and even the full monty. His bio on the site reads: "Fun, loveable and extremely funny. He knows how to get the night started and keep the fun alive! He's been with Bow Tie Boys as a topless waiter and stripper for years and knows exactly how to make any party a night to remember. Hire this hunky tradie now!" He has also stripped for the Sydney-based Topless Casanovas.

Video of Harrison stripping on a boat was recently shared by the MAFS Gossip Instagram account. In the clip, he can be seen giving a bride-to-be a lap dance to the Ginuwine song 'Pony', ripping off his white t-shirt and simulating a sex act with his dance partner.

Harrison Boon naked on the Kyle & Jackie O Show
Harrison performs a bit of penis puppetry while on the Kyle & Jackie O Show. Photo: KIIS FM

That's not the only experience Harrison has baring his bits. Many moons ago (pardon the pun) he also flashed his flesh for The Kyle & Jackie O Show in their 2017 segment "Naked Dating". He even performed an on-air trick with his genitals that he called "the bouquet" in an attempt to win the heart of one of several female contestants who also appeared nude on the show.

Perennial ladies' man

When asked recently on the radio how he finds time to date so many women, Harrison revealed it's because he only sees his three-year-old son every second weekend since his ex-partner moved interstate, and also because he has absolutely no problem meeting ladies. "I could meet a woman at the grocery store, it’s not hard," he stated matter-of-factly.

Viewer backlash

Harrison went on to say that upon entering the experiment, he was committed to the MAFS process despite having played around before the show as a single guy and has been shocked by some of the online commentary about him since the show started airing. "I'm actually surprised by how dark some of the comments are, really surprised," he said, "It's a pretty tough thing to read comments about yourself."


That was before Harrison began treating his MAFS bride Bronte differently after they consummated their marriage on their honeymoon. The pair agreed to a fresh start after their disastrous wedding and things seemed to be going well, but after they slept together, Harrison suddenly told Bronte he was no longer attracted to her. Viewers were not impressed, venting their anger at his "disgusting" behaviour. Only time will tell if Harrison manages to redeem himself in the eyes of his bride and the Australian public.

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