MAFS' Harrison's 'secret girlfriend' breaks silence: 'Lies'

The Bachelors star Abby Miller has spoken out about her relationship with Harrison Boon.

MAFS star Bronte Schofield was left stunned on her wedding day when she found out that her ‘husband’ Harrison Boon had a woman waiting for him in the outside world. To make things worse, the groom had allegedly slept with her the day before.

The mystery woman, revealed to be The Bachelors contestant Abby Miller, has now spoken out about the messy situation on social media. During an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday, the 21-year-old answered a number of fan questions about her relationship with Harrison.

MAFS' star Harrison Boon's 'secret girlfriend' has opened up about their relationship. Photo: Instagram/a.bbymiller & Nine
MAFS star Harrison Boon's 'secret girlfriend' has opened up about their relationship. Photo: Instagram/a.bbymiller & Nine

After one follower asked her if she was still involved with the MAFS groom, Abby savaged her ex with one short answer.

“Not after all the lies he has told,” the reality TV star wrote.


She also added that Bronte has personally reached out to her, and believes that the way he is being “portrayed” on the show is a good reflection of what he’s like offscreen.

L: Abby Miller selfie of herself in a Instagram Story. R: Abby Miller's Instagram story of a beach and high rise buildings with a question about MAFS
The 21-year-old said she wasn't together with MAFS' Harrison anymore. Photo: Instagram/a.bbymiller

Another fan wondered if there was any truth to Harrison’s claims that he wasn’t in a relationship with Abby prior to coming on the show, and that he never promised to get back together with her once the show was over.

Abby replied with a cryptic, but savage response, writing: “His story is constantly changing, what do you think?”

In another story, the brunette shared a close-up snap with Harrison and said she couldn’t ‘spill any other tea’ just yet. This is likely due to her contract with Channel 10 from her appearance on The Bachelors.

L: A snap of colourful crosses on Abby Miller's Instagram story. R: A close up photo of Harrison Boon and Abby Miller on Abby's Instagram story
The reality TV star also included a snap with Harrison. Photo: Instagram/a.bbymiller

Bronte speaks out over explosive voice message leak

This comes after voice messages were leaked, proving that Bronte knew about Harrison’s ‘secret girlfriend’ prior to coming on the show.

According to the leaked voice messages acquired by the Daily Mail, the fiery brunette wasn’t aware that she would be matched with Harrison, but she discussed what to do in case she was. The 28-year-old admitted she would use the information to ‘her advantage’, and said she would ‘play it up’ for the cameras.

In the screenshots of the leaked group chat, a snap of Harrison was sent in the conversation, with information about how the 32-year-old groom was a single dad.

L: Harrison and Bronte on MAFS. R: Bronte looking teary on MAFS
Bronte and Harrison's relationship has been rocky from the start. Photo: Nine

“Oh my god, I’m actually triggered. Like, what am I supposed to do? Like, if one of the other girls gets him, oh my god, I’m dead,” she told her friends.

“[Abby is] 21? That’s f**king nine years younger than me. Eight years. I can’t do math. What the f**k?”

“Well, you know what, if he is my match, I’m going to f**king play that to my advantage. Like holy s**t.”


During an appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Tuesday morning, Bronte confirmed it was her voice in the recordings but asserted she had no idea Harrison was going to be her husband.

“I never actually got told Harrison's name before the wedding,” she said. “I heard that a guy of his nature was going in it.

“So when I was getting all of these messages from so-called ‘friends’, I was like, 'Oh my god, if I get this guy, at least I’ll have the upper hand and I’ll be able to know what kind of guy he’s like'.”

“On the morning of my wedding, respectfully, I'm not thinking about a conversation that I've had with my friend a few months ago. I’m going, ‘I’m marrying a freaking stranger’.”

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