MAFS fans spot major editing fail in the final reunion episode: 'Fake'

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed a glaring error in Monday night's episode.

Married At First Sight viewers have called out a major editing fail in the final episode of the reality show that aired on Monday night.

Taking to Reddit after the episode aired, one fan shared a screenshot pointing out that controversial groom Dan Hunjas appeared in two places at once.

MAFS' Lyndall Grace sitting next to Dan Hunjas at the reunion.
MAFS fans noticed Dan Hunjas sitting next to Lyndall Grace while he was also sitting on the couch speaking with the experts. Photo: Channel Nine

Dan was speaking with the experts alongside his ex-‘wife’ Sandy Jawanda on the couch when they cut to show the reaction from Lyndall Grace - who was also sitting next to Dan.

“Editors have given up for the final episode,” the user captioned the post.


This certainly isn’t the first editing fail of the season, and a number of viewers replied to the post to express their annoyance that the show is heavily edited.

“This is why this was a bad season,” one person wrote. “It was spliced and cropped and rearranged too much. Don't have to do that if it was compelling.”

“It was too mixed up and fake to be interesting to me,” another agreed.

“They’ve done this a couple of times already,” someone else shared. “It always makes me wonder what the cast member is actually reacting to.”

MAFS' Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda at the reunion.
Dan appeared to be in two places at once during the episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Other fans shared their frustration that not all of the couples were shown in the episode, with Rupert Bugden and Evelyn Ellis, Caitlin McConville and Shannon Adams, Janelle Han and Adam Seed, Melissa Sheppard and Josh White, Hugo Armstrong and Tayla Winter, and Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon excluded.

“Honestly they should have talked to ALL contestants briefly not just gloss over them as if their feelings and participation mattered not one bit,” one viewer remarked.

Jesse Burford revealed in a Facebook post on Monday night that Janelle and Adam, Rupert and Evelyn and Tayla and Hugo "weren't filmed" on the couch at all, which is why viewers didn't see them.

However, he added, “No idea why they didn’t air Bronte and [Harrison]. You didn’t see Shannon and Caitlin (which was absolutely brutal) or Josh and Mel either”.

MAFS' Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield at the reunion.
Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield’s time on the couch was edited out of the reunion. Photo: Channel Nine

Why Harrison and Bronte were cut from finale

A source has since told Yahoo Lifestyle that Bronte and Harrison were cut from the final episode because the last dinner party was the “perfect end to their storyline”.


“Producers wanted to try and give the season a somewhat happy ending, which is why they cut Harrison and Bronte’s time on the sofa and left on a cliffhanger with Jesse and Claire potentially reuniting instead,” the insider told us.

“Harrison and Bronte’s relationship dominated the season, with every aspect discussed in-depth every week. The only fresh revelation was Harrison’s screenshots of Bronte talking to his ex - but the way that played out at the dinner party, with everyone mocking him, was so organic and hilarious that it was the perfect end to their storyline. Him embarrassed as the whole group laughed at him.”

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