MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Madeleine responds to rumours she was ‘acting’

In an exclusive interview, Madeleine Maxwell has spoken out about her MAFS edit.

Madeleine Maxwell has kept fairly quiet since her appearance on Married At First Sight, but she recently opened up exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit about her time on the show, what really went down, and addressed the rumours of whether or not she was acting.

The former actress, who previously starred in shows like Upper Middle Bogan and Home and Away, caused a stir during her brief time as an intruder bride, after a chaotic wedding and honeymoon with Ash Galati, before exiting the show just after the first commitment ceremony.

Due to her work and abilities as a psychic medium and her MAFS appearance which included calling her "husband" Ash out about a deb ball, many fans speculated Madeleine perhaps was a producer plant or making a brief appearance on the show as an actress to shake things up.

Madeleine Maxwell MAFS
Madeleine says if she had watched MAFS previously she never would have done it. Photo: Nine

Madeleine speaks out: 'From day one I thought it was stitch-up'

Madeleine has now addressed those rumours, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that it's not true.

"I mean, what is a production plant, is it a production plant that's going to do whatever producers want you to do in order to create drama?" Madeleine asked. "Because I am not that person, if anything, it's like when it's me and my name towards a project, I believe it should be people's own values and beliefs.


"I would never sign up for that, but let me tell you, there's a lot of actresses on that show baby, and I was not acting despite what everyone says, they should be paid a lot more for what they're doing, let's just say that!"

Madeline admitted she hadn't watched the hit reality series before being approached for the show.

"If I had watched it, I would never have done it. Because I didn't understand the rules, I didn't understand if you said leave, you had to stay if they said stay, like they can drag you through this?! It's bizarre. I went in really blind," she said.

"I mean, I should have been across it more. I should have just invested in the research about the show too, because I am quite passionate about speaking about what it is now, just from a production point of view."

Ash and Madeleine on MAFS
MAFS' Madeleine and Ash had a brief but memorable stint. Photo: Nine

Madeleine said from the first day of filming, she realised the show wasn't going to be right for her.

"From day one, I thought it was a stitch-up," she said. "I was not happy, I thought they were definitely people who made me feel like I was part of the rebrand, which was perfect matches, like matches people could actually fall into and explore in a really healthy way, not this opposites attract and that typical MAFS thing apparently."


She went on to say she felt like she had opposite values to her groom, Ash.

"I didn't want someone who had completely opposite values to me. And when I rocked up and that was it, I let everyone know really strongly from the get-go, like I don't feel like this is right for me, I don't feel like I belong here, I don't feel like I want to play the game of MAFS, because it is a game," she said.

"If you are hungry for fame, baby you will excel! I don't care about that. I care about telling the truth despite what people think, I care about being authentic, by the time I wrote leave I knew from day one that would be my decision."

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