MAFS' Jesse divides with list of 'turnoffs': 'Hates women'

Some fans have slammed the groom for his controversial list.

A new teaser for the upcoming MAFS 2023 season has introduced fans to Jesse, one of the grooms taking part in the experiment. In the clip, the groom rattles off a polarising list of dealbreakers when it comes to his perfect match, ranging from personality traits to how they appear.

The relaxed Aussie sits back in a black shirt with a floral pattern as he proudly announces that he “brought a list” of his “turnoffs” to the interview. He includes descriptions such as “vanilla” and “basic”, before delving into some personality traits that he can’t stand.

Two images of MAFS contestant Jesse making exaggerated faces
MAFS contestant Jesse is picky when it comes to a potential partner. Photo: Nine

“Don’t even let you speak, star sign chicks, drama queens, does a pout,” he says, before puckering up his lips in an imitation.

“Any girl who starts a sentence with ‘honey’, ‘sweetie’, ‘oh my god, babe’, next. No thank you,” he adds.

Jesse also tells producers that he can’t stand women who are “addicted to their phone” or enjoy “motivational quotes”, and says his dream woman needs to be able to “listen".


While it seems like he’s there for all the wrong reasons, the promo suddenly depicts his sensitive side as he reads his vows while rocking a hot pink suit.

“I don’t know where love has been hiding all these years,” he tells his new wife while tearing up. “I don’t know what more I can do to make my light any easier.”

L: Jesse turning up to his wedding on MAFS in a pink suit. R: Jesse breaking down in tears during his wedding
The promo also showed the groom's softer side. Photo: Nine

Fans were divided over the teaser, with some slamming him for ‘hating women’.

“You’re never going to meet someone that ticks all the boxes. You need to stop looking for perfection and understand their imperfections,” one pointed out.

“He’s better off just sticking around his mum, cause any other woman he ain’t putting up with,” another added.

“Does he even like women? I think his list might eliminate them all,” a third quipped.

“I think he has trouble getting anyone so turned it all around as though he isn’t into it. I’m sure if an attractive chick pouted his way he wouldn’t turn away,” another remarked.


There were a handful of viewers who agreed with Jesse, saying that his list wasn’t that controversial.

“That guy is speaking facts girls, if you wanna know why you’re single, listen to him!” a fan exclaimed.

“He knows what he wants and he is honest about it. If you see yourself in some of those qualities you may get offended,” another added.

“At the end he will be loved like Al last season. I remember clips of him last year and the comments were the same initially,” a third commented.

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