MAFS viewers slam Jesse over off-camera act: 'Walking red flag'

MAFS viewers slammed the groom after he made a rude off-camera comment to his new wife.

MAFS groom Jesse Burford has been slammed by viewers after making an off-camera comment to his new 'wife' Claire Nomarhas, ruining their chemistry before their honeymoon even began. The marriage celebrant shocked the bride by telling her she was "too loud" at the airport as they left for their Whitsundays honeymoon.

As the pair waited at the airport, Jesse told Claire to be quiet "a few times", causing a lot of tension between them, with Claire saying she was beginning to "second guess" everything she was saying and how she said it.

MAFS Jesse
MAFS viewers slammed groom Jesse after he made a rude off-camera comment to his new wife Claire. Photo: Nine

"Jesse actually shushed me a couple of times today, and I did not like being shushed," Claire tells the producers. "We were in the airport, just getting a few things for our honeymoon, and maybe I laugh loud, maybe I'm a little bit loud when I speak, and he was like, 'Shush, use your indoor voice.' Like, one day in, if you're already shushing me, you're going to have a hard time ahead of you buddy boy."


Claire tries to explain she simply wants to learn as much as she can about her new 'husband', however, he refuses to have a conversation with her, instead saying he wants to sit quietly.

"I think Claire can sometimes become unaware of how loud she's speaking and it's just how much she talks and comments," Jesse tells the camera. "I prefer quality of conversation, over quantity of conversation."

MAFS Claire
Claire was left in tears by the incident. Photo: Nine

"You should be taking this time to get to know me on a deeper level, but now I'm finding myself second [guessing] everything I'm saying, like, should I be talking, should I be talking softer? Am I talking too loud?" Claire says.

"It sucks," she adds. "I don't want to be the needy girl that just always is wanting more, it confuses me, am I literally asking for too much? Do I need to just shush?"

Viewers slammed Jesse for shushing Claire, with some Twitter users describing him as a "walking red flag".

"God forbid a woman be excited or express herself in public. I cannot with this 'man'," one user wrote.

"Jesse is just foul. Get off the show and marry a blow up doll," another added.

MAFS Jesse and Claire
Viewers slammed Jesse for shushing Claire, with some Twitter users describing him as a 'walking red flag'. Photo: Nine

"Claire shouldn't allow herself to be put down and gaslit into being someone she's not just because Jesse is undateable, stay strong Claire," a third said.

"Who knew Jesse, the extrovert in the pink suit would be [shushing] his bride," someone else added.


"The irony of Jesse [shushing] her within 24 hours of meeting when he LITERALLY has not shut up since his oblong a** face hit the screen," one user added. "Use [your] crystals and free [yourself] Claire!"

"Jesse is a red flag from head to toe," another said.

"How can Jesse even be a contestant?" yet another wrote. "SERIOUS issues. This guy wants a blow up doll. He doesn’t want a woman with a personality. PS dude your greasy bad hair is a no. 1 turnoff. Bye babe. You are 'ICK' personified."

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