'I had just given birth': MAFS bride's cheating horror

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Poppy still gets emotional revisiting the traumatic experience. Photo: Nine

MAFS’ seventh season is landing in a matter of weeks, and it looks like our brides and grooms are no strangers to serious drama.

In an audition tape included in a Channel Nine preview, one bride has explained the harrowing history behind her decision to appear on the controversial show.

It’s a tale of cheating, and possibly the worst one we’ve ever heard.

The bride jokes her husband had a terrible accident six weeks after she delivered the couple’s twin sons.

He ‘tripped and fell into his co-worker’s vagina’.

MAFS bride Poppy opened up about a harrowing experience. Photo: Nine

Explaining the jaw-dropping series of event, the mum of two explained she was home, breastfeeding her new bubs when her husband decided to drop the news.

"I was breastfeeding them on this pillow called My Breast Friend and he came home and said, 'I don't love you anymore’,” she said.

She explained after accessing his emails she discovered that there was another woman.

Joking aside, Poppy can’t help but show the hurt her former husband’s betrayal still causes her.

“It still upsets me to talk about it, just because (of) my boys," she says.

Concern as show debuts ruthless matchmaking

The horror cheating tale may be cause for concern, as other reports suggest this season of the popular reality show will be just as ruthless as last years.

Another promotional video released this week another bride, Mishel, tells relationship expert John Aiken about her experience being cheated on in seven out of eight relationships.

Mishel seems to have be on the receiving end of a dud match. Photo: Nine

In footage of her wedding day, it appears the hopeful bride may have been paired with a groom who admits to being a cheater.

A bridesmaid can be seen relaying the news to a horrified Mishel at the wedding reception, who is then seen fleeing.

With some serious heartbreak in the contestant’s pasts already coming to light, it’s gearing up to be another season of scandal ahead.

MAFS hits screens Monday, February 3 at 7.30pm on Nine.

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