'I want to go home': MAFS 2020 kicks off with cold-feet drama

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
MAFS' first couple kicked things off with an almost-runaway bride moment. Photo: Nine

Married at First Sight 2020 has kicked off after much anticipation, with the trademark high drama that cemented the show as an Aussie favourite last year.

Just one episode in we have a runaway bride on our hands who copped instant backlash from fans after she seemed to flee her own wedding reception.

38-year-old mum of two Poppy was matched with lonely heart Luke Eglin, 39, after she opened up about her disastrous first marriage to a husband who cheated on her when their twin sons were just six weeks old.

Though fans were hopeful the single mum would live up to their expectations, they were sadly disappointed when the mum broke down at her wedding reception, overwhelmed and in tears with her friends comforting her.

Though Luke and Poppy initially hit it off, the mum began to withdraw and tear up at the thought of leaving her kids for the show.

Poppy left the bridal table to Luke's dismay. Photo: Nine

It all reached a head when the bride left the bridal table in tears, and then confided in a close friend.

“I want to go home,” she said, just metres from where her new groom sat.

Luke, unsure if he had a full-blown runaway bride on his hands, kept a cool head but understandably seemed to catch the jitters himself, wondering how he would defuse the situation.

Fans furious at near-miss walkout

Poppy confided in friends that she wanted to leave the wedding. Photo: Nine

Though Poppy managed to pull it together, the experience did not go over well with fans who have been largely critical of the mum, though some have come to her defence.

Though Poppy explained her reaction saying is she just missed her kids, some fans weren’t too sure.

“Poppy isn’t happy with her match!” one theorised.

“She is being very dishonest and acting really silly,” another agreed. “It’s not her kids it’s just him!”

The concern that the experts have made a mistake comes after Karl Stefanovic grilled the trio last week, over an absolute disastrous match last season between fan favourite Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball.

Others weren’t sure a mistake had been made, arguing the mum jumped the gun with her reaction.

Fans were quick to share a collective eyeroll at Poppy's meltdown. Photo: Twitter/TheSBatman

“Poor guy, she didn’t give him a chance,” one wrote.

“Poor Luke felt sorry for him,” another agreed.

One pointed out a sense of deja vu the episode induced in them.

”Exactly how Ning was at her wedding,” they wrote.

Others came to the mum’s defence, pointing out she returned to the reception eventually and was simply working out the jitters.

“I think she's just being a mum and a scared one at that!” one wrote. “Once she calmed down a bit she settled a bit.”

“I don’t think she got that spark when she saw her husband-to-be & for emotional safety, she wants to be around what she knows is safe....her boys,” another pointed out.

With Poppy returning to the celebration and putting on a brave face it remains to be seen if the couple will tough it out, or if the early tremor indicates a breakdown on the horizon.

Married At First Sight continues Tuesday, 7.30pm on Channel 9.