Here's the Married at First Sight Australia 2020 cast

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Some of the MAFS 2020 cast have already been revealed including lawyer Stacey Hampton. Photo: Channel Nine

This year’s Married at First Sight Australia dominated both the ratings game and reality television fanatics’ conversations.

Now, fans have been given a taste of the theatrical cast set to grace the country’s screens in 2020, and from the first look, they definitely won’t disappoint.

With a myriad of faces both familiar and fresh, fans can expect another season of unforgettable television—with maybe a few love matches thrown in among the colourful mix.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the scandalous cast who are soon set to become the show’s next stars.

Tash Herz will make up one half one the series' first ever all-female pairing. Photo: Instagram

Tash Herz and Amanda Micallef

Tash and Amanda will make up MAFS’ first ever lesbian couple—a move which follows calls for the show to diversify its cast.

The couple are believed to have tied the knot back in September, which marked the beginning of the respective bodybuilder and model’s onscreen relationship.

Steven Burley and Mishel Meshes

As the season’s oldest match, Steven Burley and Mishel Meshes are likely hoping to bring life experience and maturity to their TV union. 

But despite this, the couple may be faced with other challenges as Steve—who owns a barbershop—is based in inner-city Melbourne while single mum Mishel lives in Brisbane near family.

Seb Guilhaus and Lizzy Sobinoff

Lizzie Sobinoff first found fame after being paired up with Sam Ball on this year’s season of MAFS, but after the union ended dismally, she’s returned in the hopes of finding love once again.

This time, the 28-year-old will walk down the aisle to AFL player Seb Guilhaus.

Although he never made the big leagues, the 31-year-old ruckman played in the SANFL, which is South Australia’s top division of the sport.

But this stint was not without scandal and saw Seb suspended for three matches last year for comments he made on Facebook accusing a rival team of ‘cheating’ during a game.

Fan favourite Lizzie Sobinoff is expected to make a return to MAFS next year. Photo: Instagram

Vanessa Romito and Chris Nicholls 

Despite not being expected to grace our screens until January, pictures of Vanessa and Chris’ wedding were first leaked back in September.

Following this, Vanessa, who’s also a YouTuber, made headlines as it was revealed she was the ex-girlfriend of former contestant Bronson Norrish.

Like her former flame, Chris is also a keen gym-goer and has posted many a shirtless snap on his now-private Instagram.

Tash, a 26-year-old law graduate, is expected to make a splash on MAFS. Photo: Instagram

Stacey Hampton

As both a law graduate and mother-of-one, Stacey Hampton is set to provide one of the series’ most compelling storylines.

The 26-year-old, who’s based in Adelaide, describes herself as ‘an overachiever with a grounded family life’ on Linkedin, an outlook she will no doubt put in practice during her time on the show.

Hayley Vernon

Bodybuilder Hayley Vernon initially gained a following on Instagram for showcasing the impacts of her intense workouts.

The Melbourne-based brunette’s onscreen spouse is not yet known but according to Daily Mail her appearance will bring ‘plenty of drama’.

Mikey Pembroke

While not much is known about Mikey Pembroke’s personal life, his Linkedin profile reveals he’s carved out careers in both the real estate and marketing industries.

Aleksandra has previously competed in beauty pageants and works in real estate. Photo: Instagram

Natasha Jayde

Like some of her co-stars, Natasha Jayde also built a sizeable Instagram following before making her television debut.

Aleksandra Markovic  

Surprisingly, Aleksandra Markovic is one of only a few of this year’s contestants to have previously graced the dating television circuit—with her stint coming on Take Me Out in 2018.

Like Mikey, she works in real estate and has also competed in beauty pageants.

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