The complete Married at First Sight 2020 cast revealed

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Meet the complete cast of MAFS 2020. Photo: Channel Nine

Last year’s Married at First Sight Australia dominated both the rating game and reality television fanatics’ conversations.

Now, this year’s full cast has finally been revealed.

After fans were given a taste of the theatrical cast set to grace the social experiment in 2020, they can now trawl, and stalk, the guinea pigs in question to their hearts’ content.

With a myriad of faces both familiar and fresh, fans can expect another season of unforgettable television—with maybe a few love matches thrown in among the colourful mix.

Here, we’ve compiled all the scandalous cast set to become the show’s next stars.

The Brides

Tash Herz, 31

Tash is a bartender looking to settle down. Photo: Nine

Tash skates under the radar online, but will make up one half of MAFS’ first-ever all-female couple—a move which follows calls for the show to diversify its cast.

The 31-year-old vegan bartender is looking to settle down with a like-minded lady on the show.

Tash Herz will make up one half one the series' first all-female pairing. Photo: Instagram

Amanda Micallef, 34

Amanda is a strength coach, lunging towards love. Photo: Nine

On the other half of the couple is Amanda Micallef, a personal trainer who is getting fit for love.

The 34-year-old hails from Melbourne where her tough girl exterior hides a teddy bear looking for the one.

Amanda is gym junkie by trade. Photo: Instagram/ divinephysiquescoaching

Mishel Meshes, 48

Mishel has been burnt, but she's braving the flames again. Photo: Nine

Mishel is a Brisbane teacher and mum of two.

With both kids all grown up, the unfiltered, no-nonsense lady is looking for love again.

It’s no easy ride though, Mishel has watched seven out of eight boyfriends cheat of her but is risking it all for one last chance.

Lizzy Sobinoff

Fan favourite Lizzie Sobinoff is expected to make a return to MAFS next year. Photo: Instagram

Lizzie Sobinoff first found fame after being paired up with Sam Ball on last year’s season of MAFS, but after the union ended dismally, she’s returned in the hopes of finding love once again.

This time, the 28-year-old will walk down the aisle to AFL player Seb Guilhaus.

Although he never made the big leagues, the 31-year-old ruckman played in the SANFL, which is South Australia’s top division of the sport.

But this stint was not without scandal and saw Seb suspended for three matches last year for comments he made on Facebook accusing a rival team of ‘cheating’ during a game.

Vanessa Romito, 31

Vanessa Romita is overcoming her nerves to find love. Photo: Nine

Despite not being expected to grace our screens until January, pictures of Vanessa and Chris’ wedding were first leaked back in September.

Vanessa is a 31-year-old pharmacy manager from Perth and a YouTuber.

She made headlines when it was revealed she was the ex-girlfriend of former contestant Bronson Norrish.

Cathy, 26

MAFS 2020 bride Cathy. Photo: Channel Nine

Trust is a huge issue for Cathy because two of her past relationships have ended with her partner cheating on her, meaning she's developed a thick skin and impenetrable walls when it comes to love.

Stacey Hampton, 25

Stacey is looking for a partner in crime (stopping) as a law graduate. Photo: Nine

As both a law graduate and mu to two, Stacey Hampton is set to provide one of the series’ most compelling storylines.

The 26-year-old, who’s based in Adelaide, describes herself as ‘an overachiever with a grounded family life’ on Linkedin, an outlook she will no doubt put in practice during her time on the show.

With a broken engagement in her past and two kiddies in her present this young mum is looking to share her success.

Tash, a 26-year-old law graduate, is expected to make a splash on MAFS. Photo: Instagram

Hayley Vernon

Hayley is a bodybuilder looking to build a relationship. Photo: Nine

Bodybuilder Hayley Vernon initially gained a following on Instagram for showcasing the impacts of her intense workouts.

The Melbourne-based brunette is tipped to bring the drama, already stirring up trouble over a supposed photoshop fail.

The 32-year-old has weathered her share of hardship, recovering from drug addiction to become a finance broker, and now hopefully nab the man of her dreams.

Hayley has turned her life, and body around thanks to her gruelling workouts. Photo: Instagram/ hayleyvernon_

Natasha Jayde, 26

Natasha is looking for a man who can keep up with her bold personality. Photo: Nine

Like some of her co-stars, Natasha Jayde also built a sizeable Instagram following before making her television debut.

She’s a financial analyst with a penchant for older men and is described as bold and brassy.

Aleksandra Markovic, 26

Aleks is returning to TV screens after a stint on Take Me Out. Photo: Nine

Surprisingly, Aleksandra Markovic is one of only a few of this year’s contestants to have previously graced the dating television circuit—with her stint coming on Take Me Out in 2018.

Like Mikey, she works in real estate and has also competed in beauty pageants.

Aleksandra Markovic is trying to keep her traditional parents happy. Photo: Facebook

Connie, 27

Connie is ready to dive back into the love pool. Photo: Nine

Five years a bridesmaid, Connie is looking to break a dating drought.

The marine biology student says she wants a few less lonely nights at home in Melbourne going forward.

Poppy, 38

Poppy is putting her healing heart out there again. Photo: Nine

Poppy has pieced her heart back together after her husband left her as a new mum.

Just six weeks after delivering twins Poppy was left heartbroken by the infidelity and now she wants a partner, and someone her boys can look up to.

The Grooms

Steven Burley, 51

Steve is a 51-year-old small business owner. Photo: Nine

Steve survived testicular cancer eight years ago, and is looking to find someone to have by his side through life.

The oldest contestant, Steve has a history with younger girlfriends but is diving into the dating pool with fresh expectations, and looking for a lady his own age to match him.

Ivan Sarakula, 30

Real estate agent Ivan is looking to invest in his future relationship. Photo: Nine

Ukranian born Ivan now resides in Sydney.

A sharp real estate agent, Ivan admits he is divisive, and often offends.

He describes his ideal match as fitting traditional family values, and isn’t scared to speak his mind.

Chris Nicholls, 37

Chris hails from Adelaide. Photo: Nine

Chris juggles being a dad to two little boys with working as a youth worker.

Hailing from Adelaide, the South Australian has weathered two broken engagements and really just wants a match like his parents, happily married for 38 years.

Mikey Pembroke

Mikey gets shy around women, but just shy of his 30th, he is taking a risk. Photo: Nine

Mikey Pembroke’s Linkedin profile reveals he’s carved out careers in both the real estate and marketing industries.

A former North Shore private schoolboy, Mikey has openly admitted to growing up rich but insists he isn’t spoiled.

He now works as the operations manager at a nursing home his grandfather founded, and a few snaps floating around of the 29-year-old suggest he loves his rugby.

The private school boy is looking for love. Photo: Facebook

Jonethen, 27

Jonathen is a ladies man, but is he a wife's man? Photo: Nine

Gold Coast local Jonethen is a projects officer, and moving around a lot means he finds it hard to maintain a relationship.

The 27-year-old insists he hasn’t had issue attracting ladies, but we’ll see what his future wife has to say.

Luke, 39

Luke. Photo: Nine

Fly-in-fly-out worker Luke is taking a chance on love.

A single dad of two teenage daughters, Luke is finally making time for a woman in his busy life.

Michael, 28

Michael is a single dad looking for the love of his life. Photo: Nine

A self-described alpha-male, Michael raises his toddler solo while directing a company at home in Adelaide.

Looking to move on from the readily available flings, looks like Michael might be a bit of a bad boy looking to be tamed.

David, 31

David has conquered the boxing ring, now he's taking on the wedding ring. Photo: Nine

Melbournian David hung up his boxing gloves after a spinal injury and now lives life on the road driving trucks.

The lonely heart has managed to get back in the boxing ring, but whether or not he can handle a wedding ring remains to be seen.

Josh, 28

Tradie Josh is trying to put partners first after partying got the better of him. Photo: Nine

Sydney-sider Josh has described himself as the life of the party, but admitted that came ahead of his love interests.

Heading down the aisle our big question for the tradie is whether he can ditch leave the party for a life of marital bliss.

With additional reporting by Holly Hales.

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