MAFS' Elizabeth Sobinoff to make shock return in 2020

Lizzie Sobinoff wearing a pink dress and crossing her fingers in a scene from the promo for Married At First Sight 2020.
After much speculation, Lizzie Sobinoff has been confirmed for MAFS 2020. Photo: Channel Nine.

Not to be deterred by her disastrous first run on Married at First Sight last year, controversial star Elizabeth Sobinoff is hoping second time will be the charm as she confirms her return to the show in 2020.

Lizzie, 27, made a shock appearance toward the end of the brand new promo released on Christmas Eve, declaring “I’m back!” in dramatic fashion.

“I’m going to get the love that I deserve,” she states while crossing her fingers on both hands and making an unsure expression to the camera.

Liz back for MAFS 2020

Liz’s big reveal follows rumours that she was set to make a MAFS comeback after putting her rough experience with her first groom, Sam Ball, behind her.

Tradie Sam, 26, infamously ditched his bride the morning after their wedding before embarking on a clandestine fling with fellow star Ines Basic.

An insider told Woman’s Day in October that Lizzie, however, would return to the show as an ‘intruder’ and was seen on the set of next year’s series with her new love.

Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball on their wedding day on Married At First Sight in 2019.
Liz is hoping second time's the charm after 'groom' Sam ball cheated on her. Photo: Channel Nine.

Fans of the ‘social experiment’ took to the comments section of the promo on Facebook to share their thoughts on Lizzie’s news.

“Whooooo can’t wait!!!! I hope Liz finds love this year and isn’t set up with an absolute douchecanoe!” wrote one.

“Love that Elizabeth is back and looking for love,” said another.

“Can’t wait to watch Elizabeth again. Best drama ever,” wrote one while another remarked that the former platinum blonde “looks so much better as a brunette”.

Lizzie Sobinoff wearing a green dress and red lipstick in a scene from Married At First Sight 2019.
Lizzie has changed up her look since her MAFS debut earlier this year. Photo: Channel Nine.

Lizzie unrecognisable

Her hair colour change isn’t the only thing that viewers have noticed, with many commenting on Liz’s recent weight loss.

She’s previously revealed that she lost 10kgs after her appearance on the show and that she has an auto-immune condition that means her weight is always changing.

Back in October, fans took to her Instagram page with messages of concern after she shared a photo of herself looking slim in a black jumpsuit, but she assured them that she’s “in a good head space right now”.

“I think I always look fabulous,” she told NW magazine, “I’ve thought that when I weighed 49kg and when I’ve weighed 90kg.”

“I’m actually dealing with some health conditions that cause my weight to fluctuate... I may gain weight again and that’s ok. The most important thing is that I’ve always been mentally strong.”

MAFS 2020 scandals

Meanwhile, other reports of the 2020 season of MAFS are equally as mind-blowing, with a different source saying that filming had to stop for a two-week break after things got out of hand.

The source also alleged that next year will see even more couple swapping between the newlywed brides and grooms and that one participant needed to be taken to rehab.

Newlyweds Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant - who said 'I do' for real in a lavish TV wedding - are also said to make an appearance, however, they won’t be re-entering the experiment but rather returning as a success story.

Married At First Sight returns to Channel Nine on February 3, 2020.

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