MAFS' Brent hits back at Tamara after she reignites feud

Married At First Sight stars Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic had a rocky relationship during their time on the show, coming to a head when Brent walked away from the relationship at the Final Vow ceremony.

Since then, the couple have been surrounded by rumours that they’ve ‘couple swapped’ with Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud, and have delivered scathing criticism to each other in public forums.

Tamara in a white two piece outfit in the Married At First Sight Final Vow ceremony, looking at Brent who is in a black suit, speaking to her.
Brent tore Tamara apart at the Final Vow ceremony on Married At First Sight, calling her “vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed”. Photo: Nine

Yahoo Lifestyle has now obtained exclusive video of the pair, where Tamara was asked if she had bumped into Brent at any Fashion Week shows in Sydney.

Her response was curt, and straight to the point: “I didn’t run into him. No catch ups. No, we haven’t spoken,” she told the reporter.

“Not much to talk about. He’s got a lot to talk about, about me I’ve heard, but I don’t have much to say about him,” she finished.

She may have been referring to the steamy X-rated confession Brent shared on the Good B*tch Podcast in April. He revealed that it took a while for him and Tamara to have sex, noting he took 'long showers' instead, as he found the bride 'hard to read'.


Brent was surprised by Tamara’s latest comment, saying she was the latest to continue their feud during an Instagram Q&A.

“Honestly, I don’t know what Tamara is talking about. Didn’t she go on a question and answer about me not long ago?" he remarked.

“I hope she lives a world full of happiness and a prospered life. We all know what she thinks of me so there’s no point in even talking about it,” he hit back.

Tamara looking at the camera in a black and white bikini, and a yellow scrunchie on her wrist
Brent spilled some racy secrets about his time in the bedroom with Tamara. Photo: Instagram/tamara__djordjevic__/

In Tamara’s Q&A earlier this month, she accused her ex of coming on the show for the wrong reasons, and saying he was made to look perfect on the show by cutting out “a lot you didn’t see”.

The ex-couple have moved on in their lives, with Tamara spending time with fellow MAFS star Mitch, noting that they bonded after going through the experiment together. She’s clear that at this stage they are just friends, regardless of what other rumours are swirling around the pair.

Meanwhile, fans have been desperate for Brent and Ella to get together, with Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa even sending the pair on a romantic getaway to Port Douglas to kickstart their relationship.

Ella admitted that while the pair kissed and watched the stars, she wanted to make sure they had a solid friendship before diving into a serious relationship. Brent confirmed that at this stage nothing has been made ‘official’.

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