MAFS' Mitchell slams the show's edit on Instagram: 'Absolute garbage'

Married At First Sight’s Mitchell Eynaud has taken to social media to slam the reality TV series and label it as “absolute garbage”.

The 26-year-old financial planner answered a number of fan questions on Instagram over the weekend, including one about the show’s editing and whether he thought it was “biased”.

MAFS' Mitchell Eynaud.
MAFS’ Mitchell Eynaud has called out the show’s edit. Photo: Channel Nine

“Well, I only watched about four or five episodes, because it was absolute garbage from the get-go,” he responded.

“I watched our wedding, a couple of episodes of the honeymoon, I think I watched a retreat episode, Dion and Matt's weddings, and our final dates.”

Mitchell went on to say that there’s “a lot” that viewers didn’t get to see because so much of the experiment never aired on TV.


“They’ve already pre-selected a narrative for every character on there,” he continued. “You’re filming for 40 hours a week most weeks, and you’re only seeing two or three minutes of each week per person.

“I mean, that final date episode where we finished jet skiing and we were sitting under the hut, that conversation went for an hour or two and you saw 30 seconds of it and I was just sitting there like a mute because they cut all the s**t that I said out. Made me look like an absolute fool.

“But I think all and all, the relationship itself was pretty great. We shared a lot of special times, special experiences. I struggled a bit, but Ella [Ding] was always there to sort of help me out and coach me through it.”

Mitchell said the show made him ‘look like an absolute fool’. Photo: Channel Nine
Mitchell said the show made him ‘look like an absolute fool’. Photo: Channel Nine

‘I am all for it’

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Mitchell shared his thoughts on Ella’s rumoured new relationship with their co-star Brent Vitiello.

“I love this couple, they look great together” he admitted.

“Not every relationship works out, unfortunately, Ella and I didn’t, but hopefully this one does. They’ve obviously got a lot in common and they're getting along, so I am all for it. I'm happy for them both.”

He also responded to rumours that he has since moved on with Brent’s on-screen wife, Tamara Djordjevic.

“No, we are not dating,” he said. “We spend a lot of time together. She’s a beautiful girl, I’ve got a lot of time and respect for her.

“I don’t really know what else to say. People can be friends. Girls and boys can be friends. Despite all the s**t that happened on the show, yeah, but we’re mates and I love spending time with her. I think she's absolutely fantastic.”

MAFS' Mitchell Eynaud and Tamara Djordevic at her birthday party.
Mitchell insists that he and Tamara are just friends. Photo: Channel Nine

‘I wanna set the record straight’

Mitchell’s comments come shortly after Tamara also did an Instagram Q&A and answered questions about their relationship.

“Mitch and I are really good friends. And I wanna set the record straight by saying that we actually only became friends months after filming had aired,” she said.

“We didn’t talk throughout MAFS or anything. We live on the Gold Coast, it’s not a very big place so we’d often bump into each other.

“We got to know each other, we have great banter, got heaps in common and he’s just a really good guy.”

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