MAFS' Brent speaks out after brutally dumping Tamara at Final Vows

After experiencing one of the most tumultuous relationships in this year’s experiment, the ‘marriage’ between Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello on Married At First Sight officially came to an end on Tuesday night during a very explosive Final Vows ceremony.

The pair weren’t afraid to hold back their feelings when standing together at the altar, with Brent delivering some particularly harsh words before tossing his cards and storming off.

MAFS' Tamara and Brent.
Tamara and Brent’s marriage officially came to an end on MAFS after a brutal Final Vows ceremony. Photos: Channel Nine

Tamara was first to read her speech and admitted that she didn’t see a future with the hospitality manager.

“I feel the best path for me is a path alone at this stage I'm sorry,” she said. “If you take any advice for me, it's just to be yourself and that you're enough.”

Brent then responded, saying that their journey in the experiment was “filled with disrespect” and Tamara was “vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed”.

“You don't have any real loyalty to anyone. And I realised you lack all the qualities I'm looking for in a partner,” he detailed.

“You are not God's gift to humanity, so stop looking down on everyone. I don't even know where you get the confidence to do so. So on that note, good luck, good riddance.”


Speaking to the camera after Brent walked off and she was left standing alone, Tamara firmly disagreed with his remarks.

“I don't think I'm better than anybody else, I just have confidence in who I am,” she said.

“The way that I'm happy with myself, I think it upsets other people. I know that the people who love me and care about me don't feel that way about me. They know the real me. Brent thinks he knows the real me, but he doesn’t really.”

MAFS' Tamara and Brent standing at the altar.
Brent stormed off after calling Tamara ‘vindictive, spiteful and self-absorbed’. Photo: Channel Nine

'I was fine with it'

In an interview with 9Now following the episode, Brent spoke candidly about the Final Vows and how he wanted to be firm but gracious with his words.

“I tried to really articulate the words I was using because I'm still a man of respect and I wanted to say these things without coming across as too disrespectful, to be honest,” he explained.

“I know she probably wouldn't have taken it well, but unfortunately, these are things that needed to be said and she needed to hear them.

“I can speak on behalf of myself when I say there was peace for me after walking away and I wanted to keep that peace, so we just left it at that and we never spoke after.”

As for what Tamara really thought about the incident, she wasn’t too concerned with her ex-partner’s behaviour.

“Brent, I guess he wanted to have his say, have the last word, carry on like a child, throw his cards on the ground and pretty much just a ‘f**k you’,” she told 9Now.

“If that's what he needs to do, and that's what he feels is necessary then good on him. I was fine with it.”

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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