MAFS' Martha slams disgusting act while in London: 'F**king sad'

Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis was disgusted on Sunday, revealing she saw six men urinating on the street while in London.

Taking to Instagram, the star described how she witnessed these growing men urinate ‘anywhere’ they wanted, including on shop windows and on the side of the road.

Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis poses on a London street
Married At First Sight star Martha didn't hold back when describing a shocking incident in London. Photo: Instagram/marthaa__k

“We were walking home from dinner, and literally I saw six different penises, like guys just pulling it out and pissing on the street,” she told her followers.

She slammed the act, saying: “It was really f**king sad. What the f**k is wrong with people? At least piss in a bush, or on a tree, or something.”


The reality TV star was quick to tell her followers that she feels very privileged to live in Australia, describing her time in London as ‘chaos’.

This comes after Martha’s fiancé Michael Brunelli accidentally announced the pair had made the ‘big decision’ to ‘move’ to Europe, something that landed him in hot water.

Martha Kalifatidis and her fiance Michael Brunelli pose in London
The couple have been on a trip around Europe. Photo: Instagram/marthaa__k

The reality star quickly realised he had shocked not only his followers, but his family and friends, with the announcement, and quickly jumped back on social to explain.

"Okay, so this morning I said Martha and I were moving away and I inadvertently set off a massive chain of events that I didn't realise, which involved my family, my friends, calling me asking me what the f**k is going on... and a lot of DMs. So let me clarify everything," he said.

"We aren't moving permanently. We are getting out of our house because of mould issues and leaking issues and a bunch of other things [and] putting our stuff in storage.

"And because of that, we are going over to Europe to work and because I haven't experienced a European summer before.”

Martha and Michael share a kiss in the back of a taxi
They're one of the few successful couples to stay together after Married At First Sight. Photo: Instagram/marthaa__k

The pair have been sharing photos of their time overseas, with Martha’s latest post captioned ‘Bits and bobs of London’.

Fans have been going wild for their content, with one writing, “You guys are so gorgeous!”, while another said, “You guys are the best!”

Others were quick to send travel tips, with one saying the pair needed to have a curry down Brick Lane, and one fan even invited them to Leeds.

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