MAFS: Brent and Ella's romance comes to an end: ‘No hard feelings’

After weeks of intense fan speculation about their relationship status following this year’s season of Married At First Sight, Brent Vitiello and Ella Ding’s rumoured romance has officially come to an end.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that despite sparks initially flying between the pair, they have both mutually agreed to simply remain as friends now the whirlwind has calmed down.

MAFS' Brent Vitiello and Ella Ding.
MAFS' Brent Vitiello and Ella Ding have ended their romantic relationship. Photos: Instagram

A source tells us: “They naturally gravitated towards each other as the show aired for support, then they got caught up in all of the rumours as fans speculated they were together.

“However, after spending the past couple of weeks apart, they've both decided to just remain as friends. There are no hard feelings and no one is heartbroken, they both just realised the romance wasn't really there.”


Rumours first emerged that Brent and Ella had recoupled when they were spotted together at the beach on Valentine’s Day.

In April they hosted a joint birthday party in Sydney where they met each other's parents, and they also attended Domenica Calarco’s finale viewing party after spending the night together.

The couple, who have been affectionally known as ‘Brella’, also headed on a romantic getaway to Port Douglas last month.

When Fitzy & Wippa asked the pair what happened behind closed doors on their holiday, they remained tight-lipped. However, they admitted that they had kissed, which Ella said she initiated.

Since then, Ella has been busy preparing to launch her and Domenica's podcast, Sit With Us, while Brent has been travelling across the US with Al Perkins.

‘I’m glad that he’s happy’

The news about Brent and Ella comes shortly after Brent’s on-screen ‘wife’ Tamara Djordjevic spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about their current relationship status after the show.

“Brent and I aren't on speaking terms,” she said. “I don't personally have an issue with him as such. Before the show played out, Brent and I did speak a little bit and we had a bit of a laugh about both of us not knowing how the edit was going to play out.

“But I guess as the show started to play out and he was favourited, he started going on radio and podcasts and he started talking lies about me and talking down about me because he had the public's backing. And I just lost respect for him in that way.

“Because I know a lot more truth to the story. And if I wanted to, I could say certain things about him that I'm not going to. I don't want to be that petty and I don't want to put Brent down the way that he's put me down. I'd rather just move on. I’m glad that he’s happy and I don't wish him ill, we just don't talk.”

MAFS' Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic.
‘I’m glad that he’s happy and I don't wish him ill, we just don't talk.’ Photo: Channel Nine

‘Really good friends’

Tamara went on to clear up rumours that she is currently dating Ella’s on-screen ‘husband’ Mitchell Eynaud after they were spotted together on the Gold Coast.

“No, we’re not dating, we’re just really good friends,” she asserted.

“We hang out and we do lots together, but yeah, we're just really good friends. We just enjoy each other’s company. Mitch and I have heaps in common, heaps of mutual friends and we live close to each other.”

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