MAFS' Ella makes bombshell claims about Mitch and Tamara's romance

It seems the Married at First Sight drama hasn’t ended with the reunion special, with bride Ella Ding making some sensational claims about her TV husband Mitch Eynaud on Tuesday.

Speaking to the HIT Network’s Allan and Carly after the second part of the reunion went to air, Ella said that she’s heard rumours that Mitch and fellow MAFS star Tamara Djordjevic - who are widely believed to now be dating - have been seeing each other for longer than first suspected.

Mitch and Ella from MAFS on the couch
Mitch and Tamara may have been seeing each other for longer than first suspected. Photo: Nine

“The word is that they [Mitch and Tamara] are together, and they have been for a while,” she said.

“The speculation is that it's been going on for quite a long time, and potentially even before filming.”

It's unclear whether she's referring here to the filming of the entire season of MAFS, or the filming of the reunion special, which was recorded in January, a few months after final vows which took place in November last year.


Ella went on to say that while she’s still trying to put the pieces together, the idea that the pair have been dating for some time does sound plausible to her.

“I mean, it would make sense if they were kind of something this whole time - because no wonder Mitch wasn't committal, and Tamara was just hating on Brent - like it would make sense,” she said.

“I don't even know the answers, and I don't think we'll ever get the answers.”

tamara from mafs drinking champagne
It's widely believed that Tamara and Mitch are now seeing each other. Photo: Nine

Although Ella and Mitch did not leave final vows together, they reconciled soon afterwards and were very much a couple when they arrived at the reunion dinner party in January.

Rumours about Mitch and Tamara potentially being an item didn't start swirling publicly until February when they were photographed together at a Gold Coast bar.

Mitch and Tamara are both based on the Gold Coast, work in the same office complex and have mutual friends.

Neither has confirmed that they are dating, although Ella has confirmed that she and Mitch are no longer together.

Questions raised during the reunion

During the two-part reunion special, Brent accused Tamara of sending Mitch a string of flirty text messages, and she fired back by accusing Mitch of flirting with her during a late-night drunken phone call.

"You tried to pick up Mitch when we got out of the experiment and he rejected you!" Brent said at the dinner party, "We saw the call logs and we saw the messages."

Later defending herself in front of the experts the following day, Tamara claimed that Mitch was the one being flirty with her.

“Mitch called me and he was like, 'Oh I know I shouldn’t be calling you, blah blah blah', and I was like, 'Why are you calling me?' And he was like, 'I know I shouldn’t be calling right now but I’m thinking about you.' And I hung up the phone,” she said.

Mitch immediately called the claims 'bullsh**t' and said he drunk called a lot of people that night, something Ella seconded at the time.

However, speaking about that moment on Today Extra on Tuesday morning, Ella said, "That was really hard to watch… The way that I had responded and defended him [Mitch]."

"He did drunk call her but he told me he didn't recall what he had said. So, I think that in a way Tamara was trying to tell me, but not in the most mature way.

"I think there was truth behind the intent, the text messages… I can't defend him or her in this situation."

Ella and Mitch on a jetski date
Ella is still trying to piece together the truth and is healing from her breakup with Mitch. Photo: Nine

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