MAFS' Ella and Brent break silence on dating rumours in rogue interview

Married At First Sight stars Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello have finally spoken out about the rumours that they have ‘recoupled’ since filming wrapped earlier this year.

In a video obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle, the pair were filmed leaving Brent’s apartment on their way to Domenica Calarco’s viewing party on Sunday night when they addressed the speculation.

MAFS’ Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello.
MAFS’ Ella Ding and Brent Vitiello have responded to the rumours that they’re now dating. Photos: Supplied

“Which rumours? Do you mean Mitch and Tamara? That’s all I know,” Brent said coyly, referencing the reports that their TV spouses have also started dating.

“Aren’t they saying ‘Team Brella’?” Ella chimed in with a laugh.


When asked about what they had been getting up to in Brent’s apartment, Ella explained that they were simply “getting ready” to go out.

“This is actually hers,” Brent added while pointing to the black bomber jacket he was wearing. “You see, I’m dressed in her clothes now.”

“Yeah, that is mine. Looks better on him though,” Ella remarked, before adding that she was “making the most” of her time in Sydney by hanging out with Brent.

They went on to respond to the public’s love for them as a couple, calling it “quite nice” and “cute”, but reaffirmed that they are “just chilling”.

“We are, we’re just chilling,” Ella echoed, while Brent said, “We’re just doing a bit of Brella s**t and that’s it.”

While their relationship is yet to be officially confirmed, a mutual friend of the pair tells Yahoo Lifestyle that they are taking things slow at the moment.

“We all know there's an attraction between Ella and Brent but neither of them wants to rush into something,” they said.

“She’s planning on moving to Sydney soon and then they'll see where they're both at once the whirlwind of the show has died down and they don't have to hang out in secret. They both find the pressure a little overwhelming at the minute, especially as so many viewers are hoping they'll become a couple.”

MAFS' Brent and Ella at Fitzy and Wippa's dinner party.
Brent and Ella previously admitted that they didn’t have any romantic feelings for one another during filming. Photos: Supplied

The video comes shortly after Ella and Brent attended Fitzy & Wippa’s recent MAFS dinner party and spoke openly about whether they had a romantic relationship during the experiment.

“There was nothing in my mind like that, we were focusing on our relationships only,” Brent said. “But I will say something now, if there's any woman in the world that you'd want as your partner, you’d want Ella.”

Ella responded: “I’ll be honest, in the experiment we didn’t really get to know each other on that deep level. We were there just focusing on our partners. So I'm only getting to know Brent now and I feel like I still don’t really know Brent.”

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