MAFS' Tamara breaks silence on Mitch dating rumours

Tamara Djordjevic is the latest Married At First Sight star to tell her side of the story in an intriguing Instagram Q&A, revealing what she really thinks about her ex Brent Vitiello.

The star hit back at rumours that she cheated on Brent with Mitchell Eynaud, who was originally paired with Ella Ding on the show, and let her fans know where their relationship stands today.

Image of Tamara Djordjevic during her Q&A on Instagram, she is wearing a plain white tank and talking to the camera.
Tamara Djordjevic opened up about her relationship with Mitchell Eynaud and ex Brent Vitiello. Photo: Instagram/tamara__djordjevic__

“Most asked question in the question box,” she began.

“Mitch and I are really good friends. And I wanna set the record straight by saying that we actually only became friends months after filming had aired,” she clarified.

Tamara addressed the ‘cheating’ scandal

Fellow bride Ella raised the possibility that Tamara and Mitchell had been having an affair throughout the show, telling Hit WA with Allan & Carly in early April: “The word is they are together and they have been for a while… The speculation is that it’s been going on for quite a while, potentially even before filming [the reunion].”

Tamara dismissed these claims, stating that she didn’t even talk to Mitch during the show and only became close to him after the show was finished.


A group of people celebrating Tamara's 30th birthday. Mitchell Eynaud is on the left, wearing a denim jacket, light t shirt and jeans, next to him Jackson Lonie wears an orange shirt and ripped jeans, next to him Tamara wears a strapless light green dress, next to her Olivia Fraser wears a brown spaghetti strapped dress, next to her another girl wears a red two piece outfit.
Tamara recently celebrated her 30th birthday with fellow MAFS stars, including Mitchell Eynaud. Photo: Instagram/tamara__djordjevic__

“We didn’t talk throughout MAFS or anything. We live on the Gold Coast, it’s not a very big place so we’d often bump into each other,” the star explained.

“We got to know each other, we have great banter, got heaps in common and he’s just a really good guy.”

She went on to explain to her followers that she appreciates Mitchell’s support, as going through the Married At First Sight experience is something that nobody else can understand.

“Mitch and I had similar struggles, and yeah, just bonded — a natural friendship.” she finished.

She slammed Brent for talking ‘rubbish’ about her

Tamara hit back at her ex, noting that he has been talking about her ever since the show ended.

“I understand that Brent has gone and spoken as much rubbish as he can about me,” she began.

Treading carefully and not wanting to contribute to any “nastiness”, Tamara continued: “There are things that I can say about Brent back that you know, really contradict some of the things he’s said about me, and a lot that hasn’t been shown.

She made a snide comment about Brent’s “edit”, saying that viewers needed to be smarter and understand that he was made to look perfect by cutting out “a lot you didn’t see”.

The star confessed that she really did join Married At First Sight to find love, but she suspects her ex didn’t come on the show for the right reasons.

“There was just something not quite right.

“I don’t think Brent was in this experiment for legitimate reasons.”

Tamara has hit back at ex Brent's claims. Photo: Nine
Tamara thinks Brent was on the show for the wrong reasons. Photo: Nine

She claims her ‘edit’ made her look bad

Addressing Brent’s claim that she looks down on people who work in hospitality and retail, she let her followers know this is completely untrue.

“I don’t look down on anyone. I come from a working class family, I’m a working class girl," she said.

Tamara went on to explain that she found it frustrating that Brent wouldn’t give her a clear answer on what he wanted to do in the future.

“When I’m frustrated, and when I’m backed into a corner, I can get quite defensive and I can be rude, and I own up to that. It’s something that I’m working on.”

The star believes things were blown out of proportion on the show, and blames editing for only showing one side of her story.

“I’m actually a quite a down to earth, genuine person.” she says.

“I will continue to show you and prove to you that I am not the person you think I am.”

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