MAFS fans call out Andrew after he storms out of dinner party: ‘Classic gaslighting’

Married At First Sight viewers have slammed Andrew Davis’ behaviour at the second dinner party of the season, where he stormed off-set following an incredibly tense evening with his partner Holly Greenstein.

The Texan groom, who had previously been called out by the experts for his harsh remarks to Holly about having had "better one night stands" than her, copped major backlash after he arrived solo at the event and made everyone turn against her.

MAFS' Andrew Davis crying.
MAFS fans have labelled Andrew Davis' behavious 'classic gaslighting’. Photo: Channel Nine

When Holly eventually arrived at the dinner party and refused to acknowledge his presence, she ended up being the one facing criticism from the other brides and grooms.

“I felt that energy that they really wanted to go after Holly,” Andrew told producers. “That’s a reflection of Holly, not me.”

Tensions reached boiling point when fellow couple Anthony and Selin attempted to mediate Holly and Andrew’s relationship and accidentally sparked one of the season’s biggest blow-ups.


“We're done. I have nothing to offer him,” Holly yelled. “He doesn't even like me. You made me feel lesser than dirt.”

Andrew then announced that he’d had enough of the dinner party and wanted to leave the experiment altogether, seemingly confirming that he won’t be attending the next commitment ceremony.

“I've had my limits, they've pushed me to my limits — I'm done. There's nothing I can say, nothing I can do,” he said. “She’s in defence mode. Her ego is bruised. She feels rejected. Zero accountability. Zero responsibility.

“That's another level of toxic environment. I cannot imagine listening to Holly for another second of my life.”

MAFS' Holly Greenstein.
Holly said Andrew made her feel ‘lesser than dirt’. Photo: Channel Nine

Fans online were clearly unimpressed with Andrew’s actions, with some people calling him a “master manipulator” who was “playing the victim”.

“Andrew has spent the whole night being validated by most people in that room and therefore had the confidence to continue to lie because he knows he has group support. Culminating in the ultimate display of manipulation with a public walkout,” one person wrote.

“Andrew coming to the dinner party to turn everyone against Holly and make her look crazy to everyone, then leaving before the commitment ceremony so the experts don’t get a chance to call him out is the most manipulative, narcissist thing,” another added.

“Classic gaslighting. Push someone to their absolute limit and when they snap sit back calmly as though ‘See, told you they were crazy and unreasonable… See what I’ve been dealing with?’,” a third tweeted.

“Things didn’t go his way so Andrew decided to hit the eject button and storm out,” a different user wrote, followed by someone else who said, “It’s actually painful watching how awful Andrew is to Holly”.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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