MAFS fans and experts slam Andrew for brutal comments: 'Horrified'

MAFS' Andrew Davis was slammed on Sunday night for his brutal behaviour at the first commitment ceremony by both the experts and viewers alike.

When his 'wife' Holly Greenstein recalled him telling her he'd "had better one night stands" after they have sex for the first time, sexologist Alessandra Rampolla slammed the motivational speaker.

MAFS Holly and Andrew on couch
MAFS fans and experts have slammed Andrew Davis for his brutal comments about bride Holly Greenstein on Sunday night. Photo: Nine

"How did you think she was going to respond to that?" Alessandra questioned him, clearly unimpressed.

"I can't walk around on eggshells, worrying about how people respond if I'm being honest, I'm a brutally honest person," he responded. "I'd rather be completely honest to her rather than sugarcoat anything."


"Really? You're just honest and say things that are hurtful and you don't care?" she hit back. "You can be very honest and not be hurtful. You can be honest and kind. You can be honest and mindful of the human that you have next to you, you know is making an effort.

"Being inconsiderate and rude in the way that you say things with the excuse that it's just being honest... I'm going to call you out on it every single time."

Sexologist Alessandra Rampolla
Sexologist Alessandra Rampolla was having none of what Andrew was saying and called him out on it immediately. Photo: Nine

Despite Andrew and Holly getting into a heated argument earlier in the week, Holly shared she was going to give the marriage another shot, revealing she had decided to stay.

"I was 100 per cent sure about my decision before I even showed up today. But right after I wrote what I was going to write to begin with, I crossed it out and I changed," Andrew said.

"I want to stay," he added, showing he'd initially decided to leave, but crossed it out and wrote stay instead.

"I'm sitting here scratching my head. After everything you guys have said tonight. I do not understand this decision at all," John Aiken said.

"I don't quit," Andrew said. "I don't know how to quit. It's tough for me to quit. It's tough for me to just walk away from something."

"This isn't a game though. You can't be sort of in and out. Sometimes, we're warm, sometimes we're cold, this just doesn't make sense."

MAFS Andrew
Fans described him as a "pig" and a "narcissist" following his behaviour on the show so far. Photo: Nine

Viewers were just as confused, with many taking to Twitter to slam the Texan.

"I thought Andrew was out after tonight’s #MAFSAU episode," one user wrote. "I am horrified at the thought of seeing his crap for another week. Even more horrified that Holly wants to spend more time with him though."

"Let's hope Andrew is better at motivational speaking than he is at speaking to Holly," another agreed. "He’s a selfish lover, you can tell. What motivation has he given? He loves himself too much Holly, you can do way better! Get her a replacement ASAP."

"I would like to put Andrew in the bin please," a third said.

Tweets about MAFS Andrew
Photo: Twitter
Tweet about MAFS Andrew Davis
Photo: Twitter

"Andrew married how many times?" someone else pointed out. "Says he doesn't quit? WTF. How many one night stands? He quits a lot."

"Andrew acting like he’s doing Holly a favour by staying when she’s the one out here doing charity work," another joked.

"No wonder none of Andrew's 350 one night stands came back for a second go," one user added.

Others described him as a "pig" and a "narcissist", while some pointed out that he was seemingly trying to be this season's Bryce Ruthven, after he did the same thing last year.

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