MAFS fans spot 'shocking' editing fail during Anthony and Selin's fight

Things may have gotten very heated between Anthony Cincotta and Selin Mengu during Wednesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight, where the infamous photo ranking challenge caused chaos yet again, but viewers were seemingly more concerned with a strange editing fail.

Fans online noticed that in a matter of seconds, Anthony’s outfit changed on-screen when he was on his way to visit his ‘wife’ in her apartment.

MAFS' Anthony wearing a black t-shirt and tan chinos / MAFS' Anthony wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans.
MAFS viewers noticed that Anthony’s pants changed between sequential scenes. Photos: Channel Nine

The 38-year-old pro wrestler was first seen wearing a black t-shirt and tan chinos as he walked out of his room while also holding an envelope.

In the next scene, however, Anthony was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans, with the envelope nowhere to be seen.

The awkward jump-cut was first picked up by Instagram account @mafsfunny, who received plenty of comments from perplexed fans after sharing a video of the moment online.

“I thought it was just me who noticed,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Omg that is shocking”.


“The magic ever changing technicolored jeans,” a third joked, while someone else shared, “I noticed that with his haircuts too”.

“His pants would have clashed with her top,” a different user suggested.

“You mean this shows edited!?” another fan joked.

MAFS' Anthony with a large scar on his forehead.
Fans also noticed that Anthony had a mysterious scar on his forehead. Photo: Channel Nine

Meanwhile, several viewers on social media were also confused over Anthony’s forehead scar, which hadn’t appeared in previous episodes and wasn’t addressed at all.

“Why is no one wondering why he had no scar the night before and now has a huge scar on his forehead!? What happened to him!” one user commented.

“Anyone else wondering how Anthony got that cut on his forehead,” another wrote, with a third remarking, “I just want to know how Anthony got that scar”.

Others jokingly predicted that the TV groom’s injury had to do with his anger and exasperation trying to keep his relationship afloat.

“I’ll bet money that Anthony got the cut on his head from banging it against a wall after a conversation with Selin,” a fan tweeted.

“I'm going to assume Anthony's forehead took collateral damage whilst ripping his hair out in sheer frustration,” someone else said.

MAFS' Anthony and Selin arguing.
Anthony and Selin had a tense argument after the photo ranking challenge. Photo: Channel Nine

After a rocky start to their marriage with an uncomfortable honeymoon and an even more awkward dinner party, tensions between Anthony and Selin reached boiling point during Confessions Week.

The pair were first tasked with the photo ranking challenge - where they had to rank the other brides and grooms in order of attractiveness - and Selin placed her ‘husband’ in fifth place.

“She just used that whole list as a way to call me an a**hole,” Anthony told the cameras. “We just took a massive step back.”

Things went from bad to worse when they began arguing over the fact that he left their honeymoon one day early, and she once again refused to take responsibility for her actions.

The couple are set to face their first commitment ceremony on Sunday where they will decide whether to stay or leave the experiment.

Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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