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The charcoal chicken that people can't get enough of: 'I want it all the time'

The traditional recipe is a hit with customers.

When a young man called Andre left the small village in Lebanon where he grew up to move to Australia, he couldn't stop thinking about his childhood; the small garden where his family grew vegetables, his mum making flat bread every night, and cooking chickens over an open wood fire.

After getting married and raising three children in Sydney, Andre decided it was time to rekindle some of the memories of the incredible fresh food his mum used to make.

Along with his wife Carole, in 1998, Andre opened El Jannah - which means paradise in Arabic - a restaurant based on simple, fresh Arabic food; charcoal chicken, garlic sauce, flatbread and tabouleh with fresh parsley.

El Jannah food
El Jannah focuses on fresh, quality ingredients. Photo: Supplied

They opened their first restaurant in Sydney's Granville, with Andre manning the charcoal; he loved it because it reminded him of cooking over the open fire in Lebanon and sharing food with his family. The traditional smell hit home for a lot of others too and soon there were customers queuing out of the door for a taste of the Arabic-inspired food.

Today, the 20 El Jannah stores across NSW, Victoria and the ACT have become famous for their charcoal flavours and renowned garlic sauce.

Their infamous charcoal chicken is made with a mix of five simple ingredients, and is the cornerstone of all their meals. Fans rave about the flavours. "It's so delicious," says one happy customer. "I want it all the time."


Some of the crowd favourites include the Half Chicken Plate, $16.50, which includes a half charcoal chook-of-choice, famous garlic sauce, mixed pickles and fresh and warm Lebanese bread.

El Jannah's Half Chicken Plate
El Jannah's Half Chicken Plate, $16.50. Photo: Supplied

Their mixed chicken meal, $51.50 ,is also a winner. Designed to share, you can choose from their signature charcoal chicken or a crispy fried chicken edition. It also comes with hot chips, creamy gravy, fresh coleslaw, garlic sauce and Lebanese bread.

El Jannah currently has free delivery at in-store pricing for a limited time only.

El Jannah's mixed chicken meal
El Jannah's mixed chicken meal. Photo: Supplied

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