MAFS star's bombshell claim about which couples are 'faking their relationship'

2023 MAFS star Jesse Burford has spilt some surprising tea about this current season.

2023 MAFS star Jesse Burford has spilled some surprising tea on which 2024 couples have been faking their relationships for more airtime, claiming he was told by current cast members that some couples admitted they were in an agreement to prolong their time on the show.

Jesse, who was paired with Claire Nomarhas in the 2023 season with the two embroiled in an infamous cheating scandal after Claire kissed another groom Adam Seed on a night out, revealed the surprising tidbit of information during a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit.

Jesse and Claire on MAFS 2023
Jesse was paired with Claire on the 2023 season of MAFS. Photo: Nine

The marriage celebrant said he had heard numerous couples were faking and prolonging their relationship for more screen time on the show saying there was "nothing there" between them but they were trying to get through the show for as long as they could.

Before throwing out the names of the culprits for this year's season, Jesse also said those types of conversations were happening during his season too.


"Jono and Lauren," he said. "Sara and Tim. I can guarantee it because I spoke to cast members who were at the dinner table where they came forward about it and admitted they were in an agreement. But of course, Channel Nine and ESA aren't going to air that."

2024 MAFS couples
Some of the 2024 MAFS couples going through to final vows. Photo: Nine

Jesse then went on to defend the show's most controversial couple, Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams.


"Do you know what's ironic?" he pointed out. "They're trying so hard to make Tori and Jack look like this fake couple when really it's all the couples who are coming at those two saying how fake they are, they're the ones who are truly fake."

Most recently Jack and Tori were spotted together at former MAFS 'villain' Bryce Ruthven's 35th birthday, indicating that the couple were still going strong post-filming.

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